The last 2 pounds

As of Wednesday, I’m officially 2.2 pounds from my goal weight.

Though I’ve barely budged in months, I’ve tried not to get discouraged . . . because everyone said this would happen.

weight lossAfter going like gangbusters for months, completely revamping my diet and getting serious about every. little. morsel. passing through my lips, I took off more than 30 pounds in nine months. My progress was crazy. I felt so different, so much better . . . and just really, really proud.

Because I took off so much so quickly, I figured I’d be at my goal weight by now. I took it for granted. It’s been a little frustrating to see the scale barely move, but I’ve actually lost 3.5 pounds since writing this post near my birthday.

I’m so close to being “done” . . . but I really know I’m just beginning.

When I started Weight Watchers (affiliate link) in January, the hardest part was accepting the changes I was making weren’t temporary — the goal is, of course, to get healthy for a lifetime. I was emotional in those early days, whittling down my portions to something the program would deem appropriate, thinking I simply could not survive on anything less than a bowl of pasta a day.

I’m serious.

I could, of course. And I have. I won’t say I don’t have my bad days — my crave everything, bring me lots of chocolate and don’t ask questions days — but they are few and far between. The best part of Weight Watchers has been gaining the knowledge that you can eat whatever you like . . . you just have to hold yourself accountable.

WW has taught me how to do that. Not to deprive myself or starve myself, send myself on endless guilt trips or get hooked on some kind of diet food . . . but to really live my life, and well. I still eat cupcakes; I just count them into my daily Points allowance. I’m so indoctrinated on Points values and high-protein foods and eating well that I really don’t even think about what I’m doing anymore — I just do it. I’m on WW autopilot, and that’s a beautiful thing.

But I haven’t gotten here alone. From the beginning, my fiance — newly-minted at the time! — has been endlessly comforting and supportive of my changes. I didn’t realize I’d slipped into a dark place until I saw the splinter of light my new lifestyle afforded me — and though I would stress Spencer certainly never pushed me into making changes, he has always encouraged me. Because he wants me to be happy.

In fact, Spence and I joined WW together — and have stuck with it together. Though never overweight, he was interested in adopting healthier eating habits and, of course, keeping all the bad stuff out of arm’s reach for me. We learned the ins and outs of eating well together, limiting our portions and getting endlessly creative at mealtimes, and I’m so thankful for his love and dedication to helping me be more.

That’s why he’s going to make an excellent husband . . . in less than four weeks!

All this is to say, if you’re thinking about making a change — with your weight, diet, exercise routines, whatever — well, the “buddy system” is far from baloney. Having someone really in the trenches with me, guiding me and offering advice made a world of difference.

And if you don’t have that buddy to make the first change or visit to Weight Watchers with you, have no fear — because you’ll make new friends in meetings. I guarantee it. Though it’s been months since I met up with our Wednesday night crew (shame on me!), we met so many awesome people of all ages and walks of life by sitting ourselves down with a leader once a week for inspiration and encouragement. I miss that group.

I joined Weight Watchers for Spencer, wanting to know we’d have as many healthy years together as I could grant us. Wanting to be happy — and not self-conscious — during our engagement. But I’ve stayed with it for me.

One of my biggest fears is the idea of being felled prematurely by an illness or disease I might have been able to prevent if I’d only lived a little cleaner, so I drink my water, eat my vegetables, indulge in the occasional treat and really savor it — and I don’t worry so much anymore. Losing weight has freed up so much of my mental space and given me so much energy . . . though both have been consumed by wedding planning of late.

But no matter.

Even if the last 2 pounds linger, if they refuse and refuse to budge . . . well, I’ve come so far that I could never go back.

I’m in the home stretch, and it will continue to be a beautiful ride.

23 thoughts on “The last 2 pounds

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! And cut yourself a tiny little break on those last two pounds…you are getting married! Maintaining right now is a huge accomplishment.


  2. You look beautiful! Congratulations to you both for making healthy changes in your life. That’s a great gift you and your husband are giving each other. You must be getting so excited for the wedding–these last four weeks will fly! Enjoy this fun time.


  3. I’m with Sandy – the fact that you’ve haven’t gained any back is fantastic. You look beautiful right now. I think you’ve got this thing licked with your great attitude!!


  4. You look incredible and definitely should be proud. You look very healthy and happy 🙂
    It sounds like you have indeed picked an excellent husband-to-be. Can’t wait for a wedding post, I’m sure you’ll look even more beautiful made-up for the day.
    Well done, the permanent thing always seems like a problem to me, too. What do you mean I have to cut this out for good?? haha.

    (I don’t think I’ve ever used so many adjectives in a comment but well, I had to!)


  5. You’ve accomplished so much, and you’ve got a LOT going on, those last 2 pounds will find their way in time. You look happy and healthy and so ready to be a bride!!


  6. Girl I feel you! I am closing in on 100 and you’d think if a person had 100 lbs to lose that it would just COME OFF. HECK NO. I’ve been standing in the same spot, seems like for MONTHS. I’m trying to do a push to get there by the end of the year. 15 lbs to go!

    2.2? YOU GOT THIS! Congrats on the wedding and happy happy life to you and spence!


  7. Such a beautiful post, Meg! I did WW last year and thought it was good for me to learn portion sizes. I’ve since left the program and now do more of my own thing, focusing on exercise, but it did make me much more mindful of how many carbs I put into my body (A LOT). I try to be more balanced now and get protein into my meals more often.


  8. You are AMAZING. You’ve accomplished so much and come so far, those last two pounds are probably sticking around because they don’t want to leave such an awesome lady. You’ll kick their butt soon enough. 🙂


  9. i think thats awesome that you actually stuck to it and are reaching your goal! 🙂 I would love it if you visit my blog i just made its called the advice column and comment if you want advice on anything and if you would spread the word so others will visit it too id greatly appreciate it! congrats again!


  10. You look amazing and a man that voluntarily diets with you is a total sweetheart keeper that’s going to make an awesome husband. You’re very blessed and I love seeing you so happy.


  11. from the looks of things u weren’t that big before but either way u look stunning esp now and congrats on ur engadgment btw I have such a low budget for things sucha as weight watchers but I really wann loose some weight too before next winterand my will power isn’t the strongest any other tips?


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