Life lately — and a little sanity break


It’s probably a surprise to exactly no one that, five days from my sister’s wedding, I’m starting to freak out. Not because my baby sister is getting married (!), but because there is much to coordinate and figure out and settle. People to wrangle, decor to set up, logistics to configure. Jewelry to acquire. Speeches to finish. Family to hug and catch up with and, you know, an entire wedding to help coordinate.

Also, my baby sister is getting married. On Saturday.

I just. cannot.

They’ll be off to Hawaii shortly and I will begin the arduous task of packing up my childhood bedroom — for real this time — and moving my belongings to Spencer’s in mid-October. We’ve been getting things organized in prep for my move, and I’ve finally crossed from anxiety to wanting to just tackle that project. Though I’m only going 20 minutes away, the idea of moving most everything I own is daunting.


To say nothing of changing my addressand nameon everything associated with me. That should be fun!

So life lately: barely controlled chaos. Not to mention all the remaining details we must tackle for our own wedding happening in five weeks or so, but I actually feel calm about that. Weird, right? I mean, Spencer and I are in it together, we have a good team in place, most everything has been purchased and several vendors actually paid off . . . it could be much worse. I’m methodically going through my spreadsheets and lists, crossing things off as I go, and I feel less panicky than I’d expect.

But I’m sure that will come.

Some days I feel very overwhelmed. I can’t sleep. My stomach hurts. Other times I feel content, calm, relaxed. It’s a day-by-day, almost minute-by-minute flux . . . but I guess that’s how everyone feels before big occasions! Right now I’m focused on Katie and making her big day fantastic, and I know everything will come together beautifully despite some hiccups. All will be well.

As I’m wading into a pool of wedding and life madness, I’ve decided to take a wee little break from the blog. Though I’ve always written here because I enjoy it (and absolutely still do!), I feel guilty when I go days without posting . . . and I need to stem that guilt. I don’t like thinking I’m letting aspects of my life “slide” while I reorganize, regroup and adjust, but the truth is that I simply can’t keep up with everything right now.

To preserve the frayed edges of my sanity, I’m taking a vacation and will plan to return refreshed — probably in a week or two. I might not come back to posting five days a week at first, but we’ll see. I’ll write when I feel comfortable writing then retreat into a land of tulle, lace and moving boxes when I must.

Send your good thoughts! Your encouragement! Your wisdom! If you feel so inclined, send me a pumpkin spice latte! . . . Goodness knows I’m going to need all the caffeine I can get.

And I will definitely still see you on Instagram. I’ll be the one (finally) eating — and documenting — her feelings.


13 thoughts on “Life lately — and a little sanity break

  1. You poor thing! That is one helluva lot of STUFF happening in a short period of time! It is all about the lists…they will get you through. Take a break – take lots of pictures of the sister’s wedding – and come back and share. As far as the change of address, the good news is that anything you forget about (magazines, etc.) will still be at your parents’ place, not with a subsequent renter who either throws it away or keeps it! (And if you are changing your name, that is interesting! I was a little scared that the airlines were going to ask for my firstborn to change my names on my frequent flier accounts!)


  2. Enjoy the time off and relax the best you can! If you do decide to change your name once you get married, I highly recommend It’s a service that helps simplify the process a lot. I used it when I got married two years ago, and it wasn’t all that difficult!


  3. Enjoy every minute of these next weeks and your blog vacation =) You deserve it!! I will be thinking and praying that all goes for your sister this week….

    Have FUN!!


  4. Take a deep breath and think of all the joy you will have doing all these changes to seal your love. You have so much to look forward to so enjoy every second of it and appreciate your blessings one at a time. Best wishes going your way! God bless. Xo


  5. Wow I think this PERFECTLY describes how anyone would feel at the wedding of their loved ones x
    but this post…for some reason it made me happy
    God bless your sister’s marriage and hope they last long and you continue to write with so many feelings x


  6. You sound pretty impressively sane given how much you have going on! My baby sister got married the same summer I moved to Sweden, which was hectic enough (flying back and forth for dress fittings and bachelorette parties while I didn’t have an apartment yet!) – and we survived, so I have confidence you will too! Good luck with it all!


  7. Good for you!! Blogging is supposed to be fun and not associated with guilt. Now weddings and moves on the other hand … famously associated with anxiety. Given that, somethings got to go and you’ve made a great decision.
    Take some breaths, take a walk, and try to enjoy!


  8. Congratulations to both you and your sister!! Hope you’re enjoying your break and relaxing. I look forwarding to scrolling through your archives while I wait for your next post – just stumbled upon your site and I have to say that I’m in awe. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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