Scarves and the coming PSL


I sold a scarf!

I’m so excited, y’all. Every year I think “no one is going to want a Harry Potter scarf now,” and every autumn I continue to sell them. It doesn’t matter that it’s currently 85 degrees and climbing, nor that my hands are fried from simultaneously typing like a madwoman at work, slogging away on my new novel and spending much of an evening with a crochet hook in hand!

My Etsy business is still alive and helping to supplement my wedding budget (woo!). And I get to keep making scarves, which is my No. 1 favorite way to decompress (well, maybe No. 2 — I’d have to give the top spot to reading). I am happy.

PSL with leaves
Archived photo from 2012. Don’t get too excited.

In unrelated but also slightly related news, rumor has it the pumpkin spice latte will be returning to Starbucks on Sept. 2. Don’t ask how I know; let’s just say I have my sources (like, um, searching for the PSL on Twitter). After several fruitless Google searches, I found a few reasonably reputable sources who say Labor Day is the official kick-off. Not sure if that’s accurate, but I’m going to hold onto that belief like a beautiful dream.

If you think I’ve kicked my pumpkin habit, friends, you are sadly mistaken. It’s a little embarrassing how much I love anything gourd-inspired. Last year I completed my massive PSL taste test, a post of which I’m still rather proud, and I plan to continue my tastings this fall . . . though after losing 30 pounds, I might have to do it a little more sensibly.

Eh, well — maybe. I don’t have to wear that wedding dress for another two months . . .

14 thoughts on “Scarves and the coming PSL

  1. oh how I miss pumpkin spiced latte!! I am back to my country and sadly I don’t get any here! hmmmm… *sad*

    BTW did you say…. Harry Potter scarf?? I’d totally buy one!


  2. I like scarves I will probably knit loads over the winter as they are easy. I recently picked up knitting pins after a looooong time and I am still knitting a summer scarf. Ready for next summer, maybe!


  3. Harry Potter scarves and pumpkin spiced latte….it sounds like fall to me. Soon the Egg Nog latte will back, and I can Christmas shop. I can’t do it without that latte…my brain will not compute.


  4. Thank you for your caption warning because I recognized that foam and was about to hunt you and your PSL down! AND you delivered a release date. I’m so happy right now. If only it weren’t in the 80s out here. I’m living vicariously through the snippets of changing leaves you give us.


  5. It’s 100 degrees here today. However, when I went to Starbucks for an iced (yes, iced) coffee they had the PSL. There was a sign that said, “The PSL is here early. Thanks Howard”. It made me smile.

    Also, what stitch are you using for your HP scarves? Are you doing Tunisian? I crochet but haven’t seen all the loops on the hook the way you have it. It looks really neat!


  6. Wow, I am a H.Potter super fan… when i was younger my mum made a Griffindor´s scarf for my custom. I am from Spain, maybe if i could afford it i would ask you to buy one of them, i miss mine… cool blog! 😉


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