Almost to goal: weight loss update

Weight loss

Well, it’s August 1 — a brand-new month! — and my weight loss end is nigh, friends. Really this time. With your kind support and encouragement in June, I decided to push myself past my original goal to lose 25 pounds and aim to get back in the “healthy” BMI range for my height.

As of Wednesday, I’ve shed 28.6 pounds since January and am just 5 pounds from my goal weight with Weight Watchers. After seven months of completely revamping my diet and eating habits, I’m thick in the middle of wondering “what’s next.” As I edge closer to going on maintenance, meaning I’ll be eating more to sustain my weight rather than actively keeping losing, I’m nervous — but excited, too. Because I did it! Well, almost. But I’m going to do it!

How am I feeling? Well, I’m feeling awesome. I had no concept of how heavy I felt until I became . . . lighter. Running errands last week, Spencer detoured to the fitness section of Walmart and handed me a 30-lb. weight. I could barely hold it, marveling that I could possibly have had all of that on my frame. For the first time in my 5-foot-two-inch life, I actually feel petite.

Almost 30 pounds

On a whim Wednesday, I ran into a department store for new pants. Little I own fits these days. I realized all the jeans I have are size 12 or 14, and I’m now . . . an 8. EIGHT. I wasn’t an 8 when I was walking six miles a day in college. I wasn’t an 8 when graduating from high school. I have never, ever worn a single-digit size, and I’m going to be honest: I’m REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

All-caps kind of excited about it.

But it’s not about the size. Truly. I feel healthy, energetic, bold, confident. I feel better now, at 28, than I did at 22 (or even 18). Tons of fresh fruits and vegetables have become a way of life. I’m less careful about what I’m eating than how much I’m eating, though I’ve cut back or cut out some foods from my diet (like bread and pasta. Sigh). While I’ve always enjoyed seafood, fish are my new BFFs.

Desserts have been hard, but I can honestly tell you I’ve rarely felt deprived. All things in moderation, right? I still enjoy the occasional sweet, but I’m in control of foods and desserts . . . not controlled by them. Sounds simple, maybe, but I’ve gone from a woman with no self-control to someone who takes her health very seriously. I religiously keep track of what I’m eating (and how much), and I hold myself accountable. I’ve never missed a week of weighing in with Weight Watchers, and I don’t intend to.

What’s the greatest thing I’ve gained through loss? Freedom. I spent years worrying about my weight — gaining and feeling uncomfortable, having bridesmaid’s dresses let out, feeling awkward in unflattering photos (or refusing to be in them at all). After taking the first step to change that, I immediately felt relief — and have been released from so much anxiety and self-consciousness by making a commitment to myself. You hear these platitudes — you know, you’re worth it! — but believe me when I say . . . you are.

I was. I am.

Here’s to the last 5 pounds.

35 thoughts on “Almost to goal: weight loss update

  1. You look so very happy and feeling healthy is worth all the,work you’ve done. You can get those last 5 pounds off. Is the seamstress for your wedding dress freaking out?


  2. Congrats Meg! You look incredible! You are going to be a beautiful bride. Remember it is what is inside not outside that matters! Don’t change your sweet inside self. God bless!


  3. Congratulations! I have been contemplating a public record of my journey which begins today. I have been afraid, fear of public failure. But you have inspired me to go for it.


  4. What an incredible accomplishment! You are doing an amazing job of staying healthy and losing weight the smart way. It’s been inspiring following your journey!


  5. Girl, what an incredible accomplishment!!!! Amazing. I’ve been struggling with motivation lately, a LOT. This is definitely inspiring!


  6. Well Meg, you look great, healthy, and happy! You can really see the difference and that’s so awesome! And also, it’s amazing when you finally get into single-digit sizes. That’s been within the last year or so for me and it was my dream in high school so it can be a little surreal!

    But really, I just think that you taking the consistent steps to be healthier, the way you say you feel, and the freedom you feel like you’ve gained — that’s the best part! So awesome and inspirational! WAY TO GO!!!!


  7. You are awesome and I feel so happy for you. You look amazing and you sound so happy and accomplished. I’m hoping that in a year I can post something similar to this. Congrats!


  8. I haven’t been by in a while but wanted to comment to say that’s awesome news! I’ve lost 20 lb since January. Today I’m wearing a dress that’s a SMALL. I used to buy larges without trying them on because I knew they’d fit. This dress I tried on in a Medium and the sales person was like that’s way to big on you.

    I think in some ways the non-scale victories are the best.


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