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Remember the More Love Letters project? I’m still writing strong for those who need a boost, and I wanted to mention the team’s new system: more people! More love letter requests! More good sent out into the world!

I know I harp on the power of the written word (perhaps too often?), but I really believe “real” mail — a letter, care package, little trinket . . . or just a “hi!” card — has the power to restore the spirit. When’s the last time you received something other than a sales flyer, bill or charity request? How did it make you feel?

More than a decade after the digital explosion, I see many people now taking a step back from media like Facebook. Maybe we’ve over-shared. Maybe we’re fatigued from the whole experience. It might seem strange to scrawl this on a blog, of all places, but I also find myself turning a little more inward and sharing less online these days. When I see my friends in person, I don’t want all my stories to be something they already saw on Instagram.

I like having moments — real moments — just for us. And for my fiance. And for my family. It’s not all about shouting into the void, waiting to see if anyone will bite. Life is fragile and way, way too short. We all crave real connection.

Mail can do that.

If the idea of penning words of encouragement to a stranger feels a little weird to you, I challenge you to embrace the weirdness. Get out that box of note cards you got for your birthday but have never had an occasion to use. Pick up a funny card for 99 cents at the grocery store. Heck, steal a page of your kid’s notebook paper and just sit down to write. Whatever you say will be more than enough. There are people who need you. And when you learn about them, the words will come to you. They always do.


12 thoughts on “Postal connections

  1. I love Snail Mail and the More Love Letters project. I participated in the More Love Letters project once. I haven’t had time to write to people, but I do pay attention to the requests that come through. I think a letter is far more personal than an email. Emails are great, but there’s something wonderful about waiting for snail mail. Just going to the post box every single day in the hopes of getting something other than bills is so wonderful. I love getting mail from my penpal. I don’t know if you’ve heard about International Geek Girls Penpals, but it might be something you’d be interested in? I know that you’re busy with planning your wedding, but I thought I’d throw it out there :).

  2. I’m old enough to remember having ‘pen pals’ from an era before the internet and email. It’s still nice to receive stuff by post, although other than books and amazon orders it doesn’t happen very often anymore. Even birthday greetings are now arriving via facebook, and in a way that’s kind of depressing. Oh, I’m guilty of it too because it’s easy, but I still pick out cards for those without facebook, like my grandmother. Maybe she’s on to something!

  3. I love sending letters and postcards, more then that – it brings such a joy when you open you mail box and between bunches of advertisement flyers you find something, that makes you smile! You know, it is not even that time-taking: grab a card, write a note and post it on your way to work! People are just way to lazy these days!

  4. I enjoy mailing to my friends overseas!! I wish it was a easier process or facebook seems so much faster. But still, snail mail has a wonderful time of waiting and I think that makes our joy fuller when we get the actual mail. Also, I can stick letters on the walls of my room!

  5. I totally agree. Sending and receiving mail is one of the nicer things in life. They’re so much more personal, private and full of more memories!

  6. You are right, getting a hand-written note in the mail is such a treat! I do still write thank you notes, but rarely one just to say hi. This is one of those posts that makes you pause and think.

  7. I love this post. I’ve been craving some of the real life connection that you mention here. And I believe in the written word so much. Thanks for this post. I think you’re giving me that boost I need to get involved in some letter writing!

  8. You know, I send cards all the time (and have people say “you’re the only one who sends me cards), but none to strangers. Thanks for the info!!

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