Red shoe rankled

Disclaimer: this is a long post . . . about shoes. Grab a latte or duck out and save yourself while you can.

This July finds me a sweaty, red-faced bride . . . on a continued hunt for red shoes.

From the earliest stages of wedding planning, I’ve been specific about one aspect of my “vision”: that on my wedding day, I would glide (or, um, hobble. Whichever) to my fiance in a tea-length dress and red heels. When I found the perfect gown without too much trouble, I figured — naively, perhaps — that the shoes would follow suit. I’m as picky about my feet as the next woman, I’m sure, but I’m not a shoe hoarder . . . nor someone who typically has a hard time finding shoes.


rsvp shilaThese heels, friends. These elusive, wacky, unknown and mysterious red heels. I’ve shopped in-person, I’ve shopped online, I’ve prowled the dustiest corners of eBay and Amazon and DSW and, lately, Zappos — where today’s selection originates. I actually ordered one pair of red heels on clearance directly from David’s Bridal, but losing weight has meant losing weight everywhere . . . and those heels no longer fit. I tried padding them with special inserts but, even if the slack in back could be taken up, the peep-toe — though adorable! — pinches my tootsies. Big time.

Of the many aspects of the wedding day we have to finalize, finding these dumb shoes is what’s making me the cuh-raziest. I have my first dress fitting in three weeks and am under orders to have my shoes with me. Because I’m wearing a shorter dress, though, I figure I won’t have the length issue many other brides do; as someone on the petite side, I know all about garments that run too long. So as long as I have a pair of heels with me, that should be fine, right?

Eh. Don’t mind me, over here mumbling nervously to myself.

Regardless of whether I will have the shoes in question for the fitting, I need to make a decision and check this off my list. I am going batty looking for red heels, friends, and while it was a fun little hunt at first, I’m starting to get nervous and frustrated. I’ve taken to bridal message boards for recommendations; I’ve badgered friends and bloggers for the origin of their own wedding shoes. I’ve made a giant pest of myself — all in the name of heels! — and it needs to stop.

So maybe that’s where you come in.

If I wasn’t so OCD, maybe I wouldn’t be in a blind panic about shoes right now. But being

a) a woman;
b) a woman who has attended many formal events; and
c) a woman who has attended many formal events and had her feet kill her,

I’m serious about finding shoes I can actually wear. Given that I’ll be on my feet for a good six hours or more on November 10, I’m not playing around. I don’t want to be thinking about how much my feet hurt in my wedding day. Friends have recommended doing the flip-flop thing for the reception, but I’m just not down with the idea. Everyone will see my feet. No flip-flops. No going barefoot. I am toying with the idea of getting a red flat to wear in case of emergencies, but that’s another thought (and another post). I want to do this thing right.

Like so many blushing brides-to-be (do any of us actually blush?), I’ve envisioned a certain heel — maybe satin, perhaps studded with rhinestones — that remains elusive. I have an idea of this shoe, but this shoe does not seem to exist. (Or if it does, it’s way out of my budget.) As money is definitely a factor, I need to stay below $100. Because I’m a klutz and will be nervous, the heel can’t be too high. I would love a slingback, if possible, because a strap will make me feel more comfortable, and I favor satin styles rather than a leather or patent-leather look. And they must be red, natch.

After hours (hours!) of searching online and in-store, I’ve made my top three choices.

red shoes

1. Coloriffics Devine in Red, $54.45, Zappos
2. Bouquets Dakota in Red Satin, $55.99, Zappos
3. rsvp Shila in Red, $51.99, Zappos

So. Since the prices are all comparable, we can go ahead and say cost is not a factor here.

So which one?

I’ll start by saying right away that shoe No. 3 is my favorite. I love the satin look, the red bow, the not-too-high heel and the peep-toe. On my epic list of “wants,” this shoe meets everything except the strap to hold it in place more securely. So what’s my hold-up? It’s very similar to the pair I already have from David’s Bridal that do not fit at all (and they’re also a size 8). Maybe that’s totally unfair prejudice against this shoe but, you know, there it is. That fear is what’s holding me back from committing.

Shoe No. 2 lights up my life for the same reasons as No. 3 but without the bow, which isn’t necessarily a problem. I like the ruching detail, and it looks like a sturdy heel that I can walk in without busting my face on tile. Don’t underestimate my ability to bust my face, friends; I somehow managed to bruise a toe against the coffee table simply by standing up Sunday. Like, I don’t even know what happened. One minute I’m walking toward the kitchen; the next I’m seething by a chair, moaning and fighting back stunned tears over a random toe injury.

These things happen.

And this brings us to Shoe No. 1. I might have gone ahead and taken the plunge with these babies except for the buckle detail. It has the strap, a sturdy base and a bow, but the heel is actually 5 inches (whoa!) and I’m not sure about a buckle with my lace-and-applique wedding dress. Will it look weird? Out of place?

Am I just totally going crazy at this point?

Because Zappos offers free shipping both ways, I’m seriously thinking about ordering my two favorite pairs, trying them out and returning the loser. I hate returning things (don’t ask why — it’s not like it’s a huge deal to go to the post office, where I practically live), so I’m coaching myself with the mantra that I will return at least one pair no matter what and not waste my money, as is usually the case.

No number of blog posts will bring me any closer to a decision until I actually get these on my feet, right?

So which two should it be? Now accepting votes. And assurances. And if you have any recommendations for other sites where I could drive myself totally nuts looking at satin uppers and widths and peep-toes, please share. Any thoughts on comfy heels or brands? Sites you love? Medicinal cures for shoe-sanity?

Send help. And diet soda.

EDITED TO ADD on 7/18: Thank you all so much for your feedback! Based on your responses, I went ahead and ordered No. 2 and No. 3 — just waiting for my shiny package to arrive. I’ll post a follow-up after I get these on my feet, and will definitely share the winner.

32 thoughts on “Red shoe rankled

  1. I feel your pain! Most of the time when it comes to shoes I just resign myself to wearing flats. I can see myself wearing converse or vans under my wedding dress.
    I love number 1 but just looking at those heels makes my feet hurt, however I say go for 3 and 1 and see how you feel 🙂


  2. I would definitely order #2 and #3 and give yourself a choice, return the one you like least. You never know how they are going to FEEL on your feet! For me, comfort comes before style because I have awful food and arch problems. So that first shoe would not work for me, plus I think it lacks the class the second and third have. Also I don’t think you are crazy at all! Inevitably, the one thing you need to find is always the one that eludes you. Let us know what you decide to do!


  3. Aesthetically, I like number 2. However, I would try 2 & 3 – especially with free shipping! Have you looked at DSW? I got my wedding shoes from there. Designer shoes but GREAT prices and comfy. I pulled up a couple of styles on their website, but I think you’ll like number 3 the best. Happy shoe shopping!


  4. My $.02: Yes – you are going crazy. Just like every other bride (myself included) who gets caught up on some tiny little wedding detail that you will barely remember post-wedding. I wore a strappy peep-toe 4in heel from Nina that I absolutely adored…looking at, but as someone not accustomed to wearing 4in heels, the balls of my feet were crying murder. Everyone told me to wear a sensible heel, but did I listen? No. Because i wanted pretty heels. Do I regret having some foot pain? No. I’d probably go ahead an get #2 (so it’s at least a little different from the DB shoe you have), use it as your safety net shoe and keep your eye out. If you find something else, great, but if not, you at least have shoes you can start breaking in.

    It only gets crazier the closer you get !


  5. I would say number 2 is my favorite, followed by number 3; however, I am not a fan of number 1. To me, they don’t appear comfortable when thinking about wearing them for several hours.


  6. My favorite is #2, but I’d order #2 and #3 and see which ones fit the best. Then, I’d wear them like crazy around the house to get used to them before the big day.


  7. I love #2, they are PERFECT.

    I am currently struggling – I want to pay $50 to send back my shoes because they are the wrong color and have them re-dyed. I know it’s COMPLETELY FRIVOLOUS and such a waste of the tight budget – but I also know I can’t rest until they’re RIGHT.

    It’s no wonder I am broke-broke-broke.


  8. Woman, you’ve done lost your mind. I think you’ve answered your own question. Get over your return fear and Buy #2 and #3. You’ll have them at the fitting and you can make a glorious decision. : ) I love them both and you’ll look gorgeous in either shoe. Be comfortable and happy.


  9. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these. They’re all beautiful and dramatic and lovely. My personal anxiety would kick in with #1. Platforms are never as “sturdy” feeling as I think they should be, and that heel is sky high any way you cut it. But maybe that’s just me. I have bad ankles, so I would fall off those babies and kill myself. I’m looking for flats (because my dress will be long), and I can’t even find flats I like. Either the colors aren’t funky enough or the embellishment isn’t enough. Blah blah.


  10. I’d go with No. 2: It meet your criteria for your to be satisfied, and if you really want to wear the heels all day, I’d think the lower heel would allow you to do that without a problem.

    I found some heels that are similar to your requirements but lower heels like heel No. 2:

    These are outside your price range, but they are tango shoes made especially for dancing. Not to high of a heel, ankle strap, satin, and a gorgeous shade of red:

    Here’s a similar pair:

    I also did a similar amazon search for “red satin latin shoes” for 50-100 and got this:

    Let us all know which one you end up choosing!


  11. I love 2 both for look and it looks easy enough to walk around in… 3 with the bow is romantic… 1 with the super high heel and buckle detail looks a little cheap even though it’s the same price as the others. At least… that is my opinion. Let us know which one you choose!


  12. Numbers 2 and 3 are both amazing. I could see the first shoes getting uncomfortable, between the skinny, high heel, heavy platform and the strap but the last two look as if they might be able to carry you through a long day in relative comfort.


  13. I feel your pain!!! I would go and order #2 and #3. The high heel on #1 is just ridiculous and you will want to kick those puppies off right after all your photos. In all honesty, I would get a red flat as a back up to change into after your formal photos, I had small yellow kitten heels that I kicked off and changed into yellow flats once I got to the reception, however I had a floor length dress so I understand your angst of wanting to keep the perfect shoe on all day 🙂 Let us know which one you select!!! 🙂 You’re not crazy, every bride goes through at least one (more than likely, many!) situations like this!


  14. I loooooooooooooooove that you’re wearing red heels!! That makes me die of joy. I wore red (lace!) for my wedding dress while my wife wore cream. (I was afraid black and white would be too jokey). Anyway — I approve of the touch of red. #3 is my all-time fav – but I encourage you to get all three from Zappos and walk around in them. We do that whenever we need boots or hiking shoes, etc — with the free both-ways shipping, there’s no reason not to! (And they are zippy abt crediting the cards if that’s a worry!)


  15. I love #3, they are so cute and bridal and not too high and not too low. It’s tough buying shoes online so I would buy 2 pairs to compare and try on at home and then return the one that does not work! good luck! this is a very fun problem to have 😉


  16. Definitely #2 and #3….they look like ‘you’ =) Buy them both…but don’t settle!! It will all work out and you will be a stunning bride =)


  17. I vote for #1.
    It’s dressy but lovely.
    By the way, I LOVE that you’re wearing red shoes!
    So sassy and unique.


  18. I like #3 the best, and 2 is a good choice too. I will be honest and tell you that satin shoes will not give you the same comfort long term a leather shoe would, or even patent. Perhaps I’m just playing devils advocate for you. I love the red shoe idea…so fun!! Have you tried on any smaller shoes…7.5? Such an exciting time!


  19. Dear Meg: Believe me, feet won´t bother, happiness won´t let them and if they do, it will be at the end of the night!
    Shoe 3 is my favorite, please keep looking for a similar pair. Good luck!


  20. Meg, take a look at the websites that the girls have posted, you will fall in love with more than a pair. Let us know your final choice.


  21. Y’all are just awesome. From now on, I’m outsourcing all of my fashion-related decisions to the blog. Thank you so much for your encouragement and feedback, and the additional links are fantastic!

    Hold on to your hat, Credit Card . . . it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


  22. The short and skinny heel on #2 worries me… Whenever I wear shoes like that I spend half the time worrying that I’m going to roll an ankle. My vote is #3! If you plan to wear the shoes all night try those gel pads you can put in the bottoms, they make shoes much more comfy!


  23. The cutest shoe is #3, and #2 looks the most comfortable. In reality it could be the opposite when you actually try them on! I’d go for which ever one you love the most and have a backup pair of cute flats for the reception.


  24. I also think #3. They’re my favorite, but more importantly, it sounds like there yours so I think you should just go for it 🙂 Depending on shipping time, you might order one of the others as back up, but I suspect that you could just order one now and still have time to get a second pair before your fitting.


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