Summer sunflowers

in a field of sunflowers

Much as my mom and I make an annual pilgrimage to document the cherry blossoms in Washington each spring, finding a hidden field of these bright sunflowers has become a project in the summer. This was our second year driving up to McKee-Beshers and, I’m pleased to note, they were much easier to find than last year.

The heat and humidity were oppressive and, honestly, I’m not much fun to be around when hot and sticky. I whine — like, a lot. Thankfully only parents were around to hear my nonsense because, you know, they’re used to it. I don’t want to tip my annoying hand in front of Spencer mere months before the wedding.

(Kidding — he’s totally used to my crankiness! He gives me a Diet Coke and it goes away. Miraculous.)

So the sunflowers this year were definitely in full bloom, soaking in the sunshine and hosting a million bees. We snapped pictures for 45 minutes before the bug infestation was threatening to give me a conniption and, admitting defeat, we headed off to dinner. The storm clouds that had threatened all day finally rolled in on our drive home — but we made it!





What’s the big deal about sunflowers? They’re cheery. Happy. Vibrant. Seeing such a cluster of them is enough to elicit gasps from the most stone-hearted in any group, and “cluster” is a bit of an understatement at McKee-Beshers. As we wandered around with our cameras, other families and photographers filtered into the open area.

I think it’s in our DNA to feel upbeat in a field of flowers.

Minus the bees.



16 thoughts on “Summer sunflowers

  1. I love, love, love sunflowers.I have in the past grown my own patches, but this year I only have a few plants because I did not due my due diligence last fall to gather the seeds before the birds took them. I want to travel out to the Midwest some time to see the acres of sunflowers raised for commercial purpose.


  2. There’s nothing that quite matches a field of wild flowers. This weekend driving in the country we drove past ditches and yards that had been overrun with daylilies and the effect of so many together is just stunning.


  3. Those are so beautiful! I just want to lay in that field of yellow gorgeousness 🙂


  4. Sunflowers are also my favorite ones. Don’t know why because in my country they aren’t so popular. Guess it’s because they make me smile!
    Smiled from ear to ear seeing your shots. Thanks!


  5. Your pictures are so staggeringly, stunningly gorgeous — this whole set is so beautiful I want to dive into them. (Or make them my desktop background!) Brava — you make summer almost appealing! (And you absolutely made me smile — so thanks!)


  6. I adore sunflowers. They’re a good metaphor for life. We should always keep our heads up and towards the sun. Great pics.

    Side note: You should try growing them. It’s suppper easy.


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