Wordless Wednesday: Fun at the farmers’ market





Green beans

Spring onions

Colorful flowers

Vibrant fun at the Amish farmers’ market in Charlotte Hall, Maryland.

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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fun at the farmers’ market

  1. I wonder where you are Meg. All the produce looks so nice and seems to be ahead of us. We are getting a few tomatoes, but when i visited our Farmer’s Market on Saturday I saw no corn or beans. We have a berry farm on our road that has tons of blueberries and black raspberries ready now.


    • I live in Southern Maryland, Joe — and my fiance, originally from New York, also commented on all the produce being “ahead” of what he’s used to! Hopefully it was all local, though I guess it’s hard to say, haha.


      • I had a greenhouse business up until six years ago and yes, it is possible to grow it locally. You have to have nerves of steel to plant and deal with the possibility of frost. Of course there is also those who skirt the rules or at least the honor system of only bringing locally grown items.


  2. That all looks so enticing! We are a month or so behind here in the Midwest and with the cool summer, tomatoes, squash and other hot season crops are even slower this year.


  3. Love the quality of your photo and the view angles 🙂 all that seems so healthy actually! Love your blogs 🙂


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