The books I hadn’t read

Book I have not readOne of the best parts of blogging — and blogging books, especially — has been expanding my reading horizons to include all sorts of stories I wouldn’t “normally” read. Once subsisting on a diet of only chick lit and young adult, friends’ reviews of all sorts of books have really pushed me to grow as a reader . . . and a person.

As Kim enjoys a well-deserved vacation, I’m guest-posting today over at Sophisticated Dorkiness on female-driven memoirs that make really great stories. Once upon a time, wrinkled-nose Meg was afraid to branch into non-fiction because so much of what I’d been exposed to could be easily classified as mind-numbingly boring. Giving memoirs a chance as an adult has changed all that.

Pop over and check out the post — and happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “The books I hadn’t read

  1. Ooh, I can relate to the wrinkled-nose attitude about non-fiction… I want to like it, I really do! But for some reason I end up wandering away mid-read. Maybe I just haven’t found the right non-fiction yet.


  2. The only female memoir I’ve ever read is Ruby Wax’s and I am not ashamed of having read it! It was great and I was about fourteen at the time. In fact I’ve just bought her latest book… 😉


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