Accepting with pleasure


In today’s edition of things are becoming real: my sister’s wedding invitation arrived last week.

I shouldn’t have felt as simultaneously excited/nervous/teary-eyed/crazed as I did given that I personally helped create them. I mean, we spent hours designing and typing and printing and stamping (with a rubber stamp) and stamping (with postage stamps), so the arrival of that little blue envelope? Hardly a shock. I actually addressed my own invitation, for goodness’ sake.

But something crazy happened when I arrived at my soon-to-be home and found that piece of mail on the counter. I viewed it with fresh eyes, oohing over the details with Spencer before I untucked the RSVP card and dug around for a Sharpie. Writing our names on that card — Ms. Megan ABC and Mr. Spencer XYZ — felt very official. It’s one of the last times I’ll write our names separately.

And, you know, I was RSVPing. To my little sister’s wedding. Because she’s getting married — in three months.

Since we both got engaged last December, I think I’ve held myself together well. Three years apart, my sister and I have been close since the day she made her grand entrance into the world. We may have had our growing pains over the years, as all siblings do, but I fully expected myself to come unhinged at the thought of my sister tying the knot. Because we’re planning weddings simultaneously and both preparing to leave home for the first time, I feared my level of unhinged-ness would reach a critical point.

But it hasn’t. I’m okay. Better than okay, even — and really trying to embrace this transition.

Transition. I’m learning to both love and hate that word.

To have been a thin wall away from your sister, best friend and confidante for 24 years is a pretty amazing thing. Though I’ll admit to having my nervous/sad moments about our impending nuptials (and thus our separation), I’ve noticed a distinct change lately . . . and I can only describe it as hope. Though I’ve always been excited to marry Spence, don’t get me wrong, that joy was coupled with anxiety about all the other upcoming changes.

Changing households.
Changing my address.
Changing my name.

But less than six months from my big day, I’m trending far more toward excitement. I’m thinking less of what I’m “losing” and more of what I’m gaining. Just picturing Spence at the end of the aisle on our wedding day is enough to activate a wellspring of tears. I genuinely can’t wait.

And the tears at Katie’s wedding? Oh, they will fall. I will be as emotional as I’m ever likely to be, trying to muddle my way through some sort of maid of honor speech, and it will both be a beautiful and a hard thing.

But it will be more beautiful than hard, I know. In time, our families will form new traditions. Make new memories. Have new shared interests. I look forward to the new dimensions we’ll share as my sister and I enter the truly “adult” portions of our lives . . . though there will be tough days and great days in equal measure.

I do accept. With pleasure.

15 thoughts on “Accepting with pleasure

  1. I recently got married, just over a month ago, so this was lovely to read and remember the wonderful preparation period of being engaged. Make sure you enjoy it, because despite the stress and apprehension it is a beautiful time that should be treasured. 🙂


  2. Gah, time is going to start moving triple time now! I’m excited for the both of you. You cause me reminisce about my wedding and all that hope for the future, and everything that my husband and I have been through since. I love that you are sharing all of this with us!


  3. Sisters :*) It’s the best relationship in the world, if you ask me. My sister is also 3 years younger. I remember her wedding very well. I bawled like a baby and threatened her brand new husband with bodily harm if he ever hurt my baby sister, lol.*

    You guys are on such an exciting journey and it’s great that you get to experience it together!

    *They just celebrated their 11th anniversary 😉


  4. We got to go wedding dress shopping this weekend for my middle sister. She’s getting married next year. It’s so exciting and it’s making me terribly emotional. I can’t believe my little sister is getting married!!! Congrats to you and your family on this momentous year!!!


  5. Honestly Meg! The way you put the things make me feel I’ll see you walking down the aisle, teary at your happiness. You’re making me feel so excited as you are!


  6. Gah, it’s going to be such an emotional time for you!! I can’t imagine having two weddings in a ROW!! My nerves are frayed from attending a good friend’s wedding in two weeks!!


  7. That was beautiful. I hardly believe that a maid of honor speech will be difficult for a writer like yourself. It’s really interesting to see what people think and worry about before their wedding. The movies don’t cover half of it.


  8. Aw, this is all really amazing, beautiful stuff. And to watch your family grow and change will be a joy (I sound like an old lady) It really will. I love that you share it all with us so we can ride along for the journey.


  9. Maybe this mean you guys can start throwing dinner parties for each other. Then you can use all the fun registry serving dishes you’ll no-doubt be getting!


  10. Best Wishes to you and your sister. May have both have much happiness and love in your new lives. Marriage is wonderful with the right one. May you have both found your soul mates. God Bless.


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