I love to cry at weddings

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“I love to cry at weddings! Oh, how I love to cry at weddings . . .”

As a high school theater nerd, I remember our production of “Sweet Charity” and one of its iconic songs. I played a “dancer” (dance hall dancer, that is . . .) in the show, and “I Love To Cry At Weddings” was a big final number. I remember liking the catchy tune, but the lyrics didn’t really connect with me. At 17, I hadn’t been to many weddings — but I couldn’t fathom why anyone would actually shed tears at one. I mean, aren’t those happy times?

But, you know, I get it now. It’s an ending; it’s a beginning. It’s a promise and a confirmation wrapped into one emotional package. When our friends Michael and Bethany tied the knot last weekend, I was sniffing and stifling my happy sobs in the sunshine. After nine years together, the high school sweethearts made the big leap — and their happiness was absolutely contagious. They were literally beaming.

Mike and Bethany

It was such a happy day. In addition to being over-the-moon excited for them, it was so nice to have so many friends gathered in one place. That’s the part I’m most looking forward to about our own big day: having our nearest and dearest in the same room, perhaps for the first and only time. There has to be something magical about looking out at a space filled with so many people you care about.

Plus, it’s funny to imagine my coworkers dancing with my friends dancing with Spencer’s family dancing with my grandparents. Just: worlds colliding.

The details of the day are what I most love to capture — and there were plenty to document. As they were married on May 4 and are “Star Wars” fans, “May the Fourth Be With You” was a recurring theme. We even enjoyed some Darth Vader-shaped cookies as appetizers before it was time for barbeque . . .

Darth Vader cookies

May the 4th


The whole day was warm and sun-drenched and beautiful, and I just felt so lighthearted. It’s a great change from the mire and muck of the winter. The wedding felt like the official kick-off to spring — and “wedding season,” if others’ Instagram photos are any indication. We definitely have enough celebrations on the docket. I’m thrilled.

I really do love to cry at weddings. In our whacky, unpredictable world, I don’t think I could tire of celebrating happiness.


Flowers for ceremony

Sugar flower

A toast

Wedding jump



14 thoughts on “I love to cry at weddings

  1. Oh, I cry at weddings too! My college roommate’s wedding – I cried so hard during the father-daughter dance that I had to leave the room. Poor Mr. RH was so embarrassed, as this was our first wedding together and he was like, this chick is defective send her back.

    I too love to cry at weddings. I have only one big one scheduled in June, but it’s a close friend and I just know I’m going to be a wreck. And then it’s my turn.

    I’m not ready!!


    • I was a wreck at a close friend’s wedding a few years back — couldn’t stop crying, even as I stood up as a bridesmaid during the ceremony . . . you know, where everyone could see me with uncontrollable tears streaming down my face. Um. Just couldn’t help it! So happy!

      Can’t even think about my own father/daughter dance. Sigh.


  2. I probably shouldn’t say this, but it has been a long time since I’ve cried at a wedding. I think I’ve become a little jaded perhaps, but I’m just in a phase right now! Teenagers, exhaustion, aging parents, etc. I’m sure by the time my kids get married I will have rediscovered my tears! (I do still cry at movies…) I love the Star Wars theme of that wedding…so much fun!


    • I can totally appreciate that, Sandy — and I cry really hard at movies, too. I was watching a Hallmark movie over the weekend (“Operation Cupcake,” actually, which was super cute) and bawling like a newborn. Sort of embarrassing. Good thing only my mom was around.


    • Quite agree, Catherine! Can’t imagine anything more special and awesome than everyone you care about cheering you on in close proximity. I can’t wait!


  3. I’m a big cry baby and cry all the time, especially at weddings, but it embarrasses me. It’s not just the joy and happiness that gets me at weddings, it’s the optimism that gives me hope for the future.


    • So true, Kathy — the optimism definitely gets me, too. It’s just hope and love and all the shiny, good things life has to offer rolled into one celebration.


  4. Great post! And I love the photo of what looks like Mason jars with flowers on the shepherd’s hooks! So lovely! I came to your blog from your comment on mine, I am from Maryland too!!


  5. Hahahaha! It’s so funny how our opinions can change with just a few years isn’t it?! But I will admit, I love a good wedding where tears and goosebumps are in abundance!I And dancing…dancing is another wedding must =)


  6. This is so true. I’m a sucker for anything and everything in a wedding, just look at my Wedding board on Pinterest. I can’t imagine what my own father-daughter dance is going to be like since I tear up at the thought.
    The idea of having everyone come together, in a place where they would have never met is so magical. I want to convey that to my friends who don’t believe in marriage, or don’t see the importance/magic/beauty in a wedding.


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