Shade of the magnolia

Magnolia in bloom

Well, it finally happened.

Summer is here!

Just . . . kidding? I mean, it was 90 degrees in Maryland yesterday — and snowing three weeks ago. So, basically, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. It’s been in the 80s all week, and I guess tomorrow it’s due to “cool down” into the 70s.

I know I shouldn’t complain — and I’m not, really. I mean, I’ll take the magnolias in bloom over sleet-covered roads any day. I’m just so thankful spring is here.

We went out to Georgetown on Saturday, wandering with our photography club, and I thought about how good it feels to just be . . . out. Walking around. Since losing weight, I just feel lighter — lighter in body, lighter in spirit. I didn’t worry about how far we were walking and whether we could weave our way back, because I knew I could do it. That my body could handle it. That it was a challenge I could accept.

So we walked down to this tree on M Street, near a tiny museum, and our large group of friends and photographers stood in its shade. We spotted it from down the street — the only thing really in bloom back then, a whole five days ago — and waited until the crowds began to break. Tourists and locals flocked to the magnolia, determined to capture their family beneath its weighty branches, and it took a bit for a clear shot — but I got it.

And it felt like a fresh beginning. Spring means beginning again.


15 thoughts on “Shade of the magnolia

  1. Beautiful picture! Our weather is similar in ATL; went straight from freeze warnings to sunburned noses. Everyone is on spring break this week too, so we are certainly feeling the change of the seasons.

  2. Photography Club! That sounds amazing! Is that just run through a school or where you live? I’ve be really interested in joining one near me. What do you guys normally do?

    • Hi Katie! I belong to the Calvert Photography Club in Maryland, which just started out as a group of friends getting together to talk about our favorite hobby. We meet once a month for presentations on all sorts of photography-related subjects (software, portraits, wildlife photos, etc.), then go on organized photo trips around the D.C. area together. We have a great time! Many of my Wordless Wednesday posts come from our excursions! 🙂

  3. We don’t get spring in Florida. It goes from cold to hot in a week’s time. We do still get a burst of flowers that bloom in the spring. This tree of yours is gorgeous.

  4. Lucky you; any kind of warm would make me happy. Not a Magnolia bloom in sight, nor a daffodil either. Just the Crocus! We are going backwards here with freezing temps predicted for tomorrow. I had to bring in the few plants I’d put outside this week.

  5. I love magnolia *o* In Milano I have seen the most beautiful magnolia trees 🙂 i wish the weather would also look so beautiful here in Germany. It seems like we have skipped spring and summer, and are having autumn now again :/

  6. Lovely photo. Interesting to read your response to Katie, I’d always thought a lot of your photos on Wednesdays must come from past trips.

  7. Oh I so miss my work photography club!! I should look around our area to see if there’s anything that exists like this.

    I LOVE spring but I also LOVE fall. Both of them represent change to me and it just feels so refreshing. That magnolia is beautiful. We must have a different variety down here because we’ll get the occasional bloom but not like that!

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