Wordless Wednesday: Dynamic Washington

Reflecting pool

Lincoln Memorial

Constitution Gardens

Working on photo tours definitely has me spending lots of time downtown!

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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dynamic Washington

  1. I don’t know if you follow A Lovely Shore Breeze (caite) but she has a WW post today completely dedicated to all her sock monkey stuff. I immediately thought of you…


    • Thanks, Juju! Nope, no tripod for me. I travel light. To capture the HDR images, I just hold really, really still while snapping three consecutive photos in varying exposures . . . then mesh them all together with HDR software when I get home. The trick is definitely not to move, though! The tripod would help, but I’m way too lazy!


  2. these photos are so stunning! what kind of lens are they taken with? I just did a DC sunrise photography walking tour with a professional instructor the other weekend and my photos still weren’t that gorgeous… i’m in awe.


    • Thanks so much! 🙂 I have an 18-270mm Tamron lens, which is my favorite . . . though I’m trying to play around more with my macro.

      The walking tour sounds like fun — and anything that gets us out shooting is a good thing! I love sunrise shoots, though I’m ready to go to bed by 10 a.m. after — without the help of my good friend Mr. Coffee, anyway.


  3. My first thought was fisheye lens but then I scrolled through comments and saw HDR. That’s one trick I would LOVE to learn but don’t know enough about exposure.


  4. Ok, now I see about your Tamron lens. Hmmm–future post idea for you–your favorite equipment and the shots you get with each. 😉 I’m in the market for a new lens and can’t decide. I don’t think I need the range of 18-270 but I would like to be able to do more wide angle shots.


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