Scale and non-scale victories

Blackberries and yogurt

I had my 12-week weigh-in this week — and I’m officially down 14.4 lbs. Aside from the blinking number on that scale, this loss has translated into . . .

• Losing almost two dress sizes, resulting in the acquisition of all-new pants;
• Wearing my skinny jeans with startling regularity (and buying another pair);
• Buying jeans in a size I haven’t worn since my sophomore year in college;
• Lookin’ awesome in the maid of honor dress I ordered for my sister’s wedding;
• And generally feeling great.

Continuing with my weight loss goals has been both harder and easier than I expected. I’m still gung-ho on Weight Watchers, utilizing all the tips and tools they offer — and I’m definitely in a rhythm. I don’t have to think about Points values and “good” foods and portion control . . . I just know it. And do it. Though I still reach for desserts at office parties and family gatherings, I’ve learned the necessarily skills to simply dial it back. To take control of my eating — something I didn’t realize was so out of control until I got a reality check.

Though I don’t have any full-body shots to share (and am not sure I’d be brave enough even if I did!), I think you can start to see the weight loss in my face. And I’m smiling pretty often these days!

December 2012

April - us

Also, that red coat is super loose now — and it barely zipped back then. Progress!

That’s how I’m really measuring the journey . . . by the difference in my clothes. I feel like I can “shop” in my own closet now, digging out pieces I haven’t been able to wear for years (or ever), and it feels so encouraging to realize that for every new item I must buy (like those aforementioned jeans), an older item can be re-entered into the rotation.

And as for my habits? The biggest changes have been . . .

Eating breakfast. Where once I scarfed down a granola bar and sipped a Diet Coke as my morning “meal,” I now take the time to eat low-fat Greek yogurt (I love the 100 calorie Yoplait varieties) with my own added blackberries, strawberries or banana slices, and often drink hot tea in the morning. On the weekends, I eat low-sugar oatmeal and fruit. I also eat a mid-morning snack — like low-fat mozzarella or cottage cheese — to tide me over until lunchtime, which brings me to . . .

Eating lunch at my desk. If you asked me what my single biggest hang-up regarding joining a weight loss program would be back in January, I’d have unequivocally shouted “HAVING TO EAT AT MY DESK.” Before January, I went out to lunch every. single. day. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Friends teased me about my constant runs to Panera, Noodles & Co. and Einstein Bros. Bagels, places that have probably shuttered in my absence. I supported the local lunch economy single-handledly, y’all.

But now? I make myself a healthy sandwich (bagel thin, lean turkey, fat-free mustard, low-fat Swiss cheese), eat Progresso Light soups or pop open healthy leftovers from last night’s dinner. If I go out to eat, it’s typically on a Friday — and it’s a real treat. I wait until someone is free to go with me, then make it a combination social outing/lunch treat. And yes, my wallet and check book — and wedding budget — are thanking me.

• Watching the sweets. This has been tough, but I’ve managed to enjoy small, simple portions of desserts rather than the big ol’ honking slice of something I’d preferred to have before. In the past week I have chowed down on my mom’s birthday cake, a friend’s Smith Island Cake and chocolate chip cookies, though, so really: it’s all about moderation. I’m still eating what I like — I’m just eating less of what I like.

In another three months, I plan to be on the same healthy track I am now . . . and if I lose another dress size, I will officially be the thinnest I’ve ever, ever been in my adult life.

That’s not my focus, though — my focus is all those “non-scale victories,” as our Weight Watchers leader will proclaim. It’s the happiness. The pride. The energy. And the conversation topics! Who would have ever thought I’d have something to contribute to chats about healthy eating?

I’m loving it.

27 thoughts on “Scale and non-scale victories

  1. Its really nice to see you doing so well, and being so happy. I don’t know how to attach one of those yellow smiley things some people do, but I wish I could, because you made me smile


  2. Congratulations!! This is amazing and Iove your attitude it’s very inspiring when it comes to any changes in life/lifestyle! I can def see the changes in your face, you look so great!


  3. Fantastic progress! You can really see the results. I’m glad you are feeling good about it and making so many lifestyle changes. Watching the sweets is what I struggle with on a daily basis- I have such a sweet tooth, so I hear you on that end.


  4. It feels like so many people I know – or am friends with on Facebook – are touting drastic measures like juicing or just eating raw foods. Honestly? Ack. It’s nice to see how simple steps like what you’ve done can make a huge difference. You look great, congrats!


  5. I have loved following you on this journey; you sound so happy and that, in turn, makes me happy too. When we were getting married, we also decided to make a “life change” and I can remember going out with my mom looking for shoes and stuff and feeling SO GREAT. Like the first time since high school. I remember when I wasn’t even wearing shorts because I was so embarrassed and self-concious and now, I love it. By reading this, I feel very inspired to go back to the gym on Monday (I took this week off for post-vacation depression) and keep it going. Thanks for sharing your tips and moments of triumph along the way! Have a happy weekend 🙂


  6. You are great! I have one suggestion on weight loss, which is most effective to me. Do not eat bread and meat together in a meal ever. You can choose to eat bread and vegetable during lunch, and then meat and vegetable during dinner, or vice versa. I did not change the quantity of total intake, but I lost 9lb in 3 months by this method without any exercise.

    I have to say you looked great even before the weight loss!


  7. Congratulations! I’m just starting a weight loss program and am excited to fit back in skinny jeans again as well. Love that you were able to focus on some key difference makers that could drive success.


  8. It is so great to read about your success! I just started up on WW again (after a failed attempt last year) and I am inspired by your success! You look fantastic! It can be such a challenge to live this fast paced “DC lifestyle” and stick to a restricted diet. I am hopeful that WW will help me learn to eat in a healthy manner again and regain some confidence about how I look!


  9. You look wonderful – I def see a difference in your face! I try not to obsess about the number on the scale. It’s really about how you feel, and how your clothing fits you, especially for women since we fluctuate weight throughout the month anyways 🙂 (I know I gain a solid 5 pounds of pure bloat during Flo!)


  10. Sounds like you’re doing really well & feeling good, which is really inspiring. I’ve just started my little online diary blog & will also be tracking a fitness regime. 🙂 it’s nice to be able to share your successes with followers who care about you. I hope to have a lovely blog like this soon. Keep inspiring us! 🙂 x


  11. congrats! Your suggestions are great … it truly is the eating out and the sugar drinks (of one variety or another) that keeps us all heavier than we want to be!


  12. You’re doing such a great job! It’s hard to stick to it when you make a change like that, but it’s wonderful to start seeing the results! Best of all, in both photos you guys look so happy, I love it.


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