Egg-citing traditions

Dying eggs

A friend and I were reminiscing about dying Easter eggs yesterday.

“Remember the vinegar?” he asked. “That terrible smell?”

“And you’d drop the little colored pellets in,” I added, “and watch the colors burst to life!”

(Yes, I totally say things like “burst to life” in real life. It’s . . . I guess my thing.)

One of the things I miss most about having little ones around is doing all the fun kid stuff you enjoy around holidays — like, you know, hiding Easter eggs. Since the next kiddos in our immediate group will probably be mine (eek), I’m left as the only 27-year-old who still likes fresh Crayons, playing Uno and writing on eggs with waxed crayons . . . then dipping them in pink. To see the secret message, you know?

Initials egg

Though I don’t think my sister and I will have time to dye eggs this year, we did have fun with it last spring — and man, things have gone high-tech since I was a kid! The inexpensive pellet-and-vinegar kits are still around, yes, but there are just so many . . . options. Like the one we wound up with: a melted-wax marbling set that created some pretty cool combinations, if I may say so.


Colored eggs

I still appreciate the simple things . . .

. . . and may it always be so.

Happy Easter!

10 thoughts on “Egg-citing traditions

  1. I’m still a kid at heart too! I haven’t been home to celebrate Easter in 5 years, so I’m pretty excited to dye the eggs! No Easter egg hunting for me anymore, but at least I get to hide them for my baby cousin!


  2. Ahhh yes 🙂 One of the difficult things about having kids that are growing up is how much I miss things like this. (My youngest is 13)

    I clean with vinegar and I swear that I think of dyeing eggs every single time I spray that bottle 🙂


  3. Oh! What a lovely eggs! I never celebrated easter like you, but I really like the way you do.
    For me, a Spanish girl, what we use to do is to (people buy them, I cook it by myself) cook a huge chocolate egg and give it to my Godson next Sunday. How do you decorate and dye the eggs? I’m pretty curious about it! =P


  4. What fun – I seen an add the other day that says you make the eggs with Kool aid powder…. interesting. I dont have kids around either but almost makes me want to make some.
    Ummm… eggs…. make some eggs. Not kids. 😉

    Happy Easter Meg!


  5. I absolutely loved coloring eggs! And not only the waxed crayons but the appliqués as well! Bunny appliqués! I’m not sure if my kids have ever actually done this…they are of the generation with plastic eggs filled with stuff, then hidden all over the front yard. They would MUCH rather have the plastic ones with candy in them than…ugh! Real eggs! Ah, the good old days.


  6. I think I will always be perpetually 12 and miss stuff like this…the time it usually hits be the hardest is Halloween when I don’t see huge neighborhoods of kids all dressed up running around…but now that I’ve read this I think Sunday I’ll feel a little nostalgia about those flimsy wire dunking devices. thanks for the memories 🙂


  7. I’m envious of your photography on those eggs. Nicely done! And I missed the big Easter dinner with family … as well as that vinegar smell 🙂


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