Winter’s final farewell. I hope.

Trees and snow

Winter will just not. take. a hint. this year.

I mean, seriously: I’m done. The slush and the rain and the ice and the dull, depressing days? Finished. Ready for my cherry blossoms. In need of serious sunshine.

And yesterday’s unexpected snow covering the first hint of a bloom? Pretty disheartening.

Also, yesterday I cut my finger badly . . . with one of my own nails, which I’ve allowed to grow long in an attempt to be stylish. They look pretty, but now they hurt. This is why I can’t have nice things.

Also also, Daylight Savings Time really kicked my rump this year. More than a week later, I still feel tired and sluggish. Just generally out-of-it. In desperate need of caffeine, you know?

Hence this, um, weird half-post.

Happy Tuesday!

18 thoughts on “Winter’s final farewell. I hope.

  1. It’s the same over here in England too, i feel your frustration! The weather starts to warm up a little and we think winters finally gone and then it snows again.


  2. I agree! It was beautiful and sunny here in NC on Saturday. I bought a new dress that I was looking forward to wearing on Monday, but alas! The return of winter foiled my plans! Stay warm!


  3. It is weird because we have been dragging ass too, and it was only one hour! I don’t know what our problem is. And we have had the opposite issue down here…it is has pretty much been early summer temps the whole winter with a few exceptions. I long for the winter so I can wear a jacket and jeans, but that is not happening.


  4. And this is why I love seasonal change! Just when we are DONE with one type of weather, a new type moves in. Unlike crankycaregiver, I would not want to live where the weather is similar all year long. I know that everyone is tired of cold weather, and the winter has seemed long, the snows have been beautiful and someday we’ll be wondering what snow was.
    Having said all that, I look forward to warm weather and more time on the bike!


  5. Here too, we’ve had snowy days in Britain and it’s too much, even if it’s not settling. Apparently many years ago it snowed in June… I think our DST starts next week, I’m trying to get a head start on the change now, but it’s difficult.


  6. Daylight Savings is the stupidest of the stupids, I swear! I feel like a grumpy toddler for days after the switch 😉 Hope your finger feels better soon!


  7. I feel the same way! I feel like this winter has just dragged on and on. The ten day forecast here in PA is so depressing. Here’s hoping it warms up soon! !


  8. You have company. I’ve been grumpy all week as I despise winter. Last year on this date my apple tree had leaves and the daffodils were in full bloom. Today they are covered in snow still in the frozen ground. Looking back through last year’s photos shows spring was in full swing. Now I’m making myself depressed.


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