Half a million


Yesterday morning, write meg! quietly hit a milestone: 500,000 page views.

Half a million views. Of my posts.

That’s not unique visitors, friends; WordPress doesn’t divulge that information to yours truly. But regardless, half a million views feels pretty . . . well, pretty huge to me.

My blog will turn five years old (!) in June, so I’ll save the sappy memories for then. In the meantime, thanks for coming by. As the years have progressed, write meg! morphed from a personal blog to a bookish one . . . and is now somewhere in the middle: a sweet literature-laced hybrid of the two. While I don’t have a real blogging “identity” or fit into a niche, as professionals decree, I know that I love this space and all its incarnations — and our community.


24 thoughts on “Half a million

  1. That is beyond amazing to me. Well done you. You must have connected very successfully to have attracted such a loyal following. Couldn’t have happen to a nicer person as comes over clearly in your posts.


  2. Way to go! That is definitely a milestone. And who says you have to fit into a niche…you make your own. I don’t even remember how old I am, but I think I’m going to hit five years this year too. Boy it sure goes fast.


  3. I find this very impressive Meg. You obviously tapped into the right audience and give them what they crave as they keep coming back to you while brining along their friends. Congratualtions on your success.


  4. Happy 5 years and half millions visits. Gee, I was kind of excited about 5500 visits … Ha! I kind of like that you don’t have a specific niche (I came to you for the book reviews … and I’m a photographer, albeit an amateur one). Keep up the great work


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