Getting ready to save the date

I’ve always been a paper person. Perhaps because I’m a writer, I consider having the “right” stationery to be crucial. I adore cards and address labels, thank-you notes and envelope seals; I love stamps and real mail, both sending and receiving, and open physical letters slowly to absorb every handwritten word. When readers send mail, I choose the perfect stock on which to reply. It’s a way of life.

Wedding planning has knocked my obsession with paper goods up +1,346,878 percent. After getting engaged, one of my first projects was researching save-the-date cards. My mom has proclaimed save-the-dates — postcards, magnets, bookmarks — to be a new phenomenon, though they seem to trickle into my mailbox fairly often. “We never had anything like that when we were getting married,” she says.

I think they serve a practical purpose. With my sister and I both tying the knot within five weeks of each other (!), we’re sending our save-the-dates at the same time to give family and friends ample notice of two weddings happening this fall. We recognize that out-of-town family might not be able to make both celebrations, and this gives them a chance to plan ahead. The save-the-date is a formal announcement — better than, say, reading it on Facebook — and I like that it can be tucked on a fridge or memo board.

And you know I have to have postcards. Given that I constantly have mail zinging around the world via Postcrossing, this surprises no one. My coworkers tease me about how often I go to the post office (which, to be fair, is every other day), calling me “The Post Office Queen.” I’m the annoying person holding up the line while debating the merits of various stamp designs.

In short, paper is important to me. And that’s what led me to Wedding Paper Divas.

Simplified Deco
[Not us. Though I do love her lipstick.]

Intimate indicator

Artistic Answer

I’m all about class, polish and sophistication — basically everything I’m not in real life! Heh, kidding. But Wedding Paper Divas offers more than 1,000 designs for save-the-date postcards — and almost 800 for invitations. I’m having a bear of a time narrowing down my choices for invitations, y’all . . . and the fact that I can customize WPD’s products plays a large role in that.

They’re not paying me to say that. It’s just true.

If you’re in the market, I definitely recommend checking out their site. The Knot recommends sending save-the-dates at least six months in advance, and getting your wedding invitations mailed at the three-month mark. I have plenty of time before I need to start addressing those bad boys, but I’m not one to mess around — when stationery is involved, anyway.

And now I can go hold everyone up at the post office buying wedding stamps.

Can’t wait!


Where do you stand on save-the-dates? Did you send them? Do you like them? Were they popular as you planned your wedding?


30 thoughts on “Getting ready to save the date

  1. I sent a Save the Date. Seems practical. Also, I got my invitations through Wedding Paper Divas! If you search for coupon codes and keep an eye on your emails from them, you can get mad discounts. I got 50% off the entire purchase and it blew my mind!

    • Awesome tip, Melissa — thank you! I’ve had my eye on their fall-themed designs and am getting ready to order samples. I’m absurdly excited about this . . .

  2. Save the Dates were just starting to gain momentum when I got married, and I’m pretty un-opinionated about them (part of me thinks it’s yet another way to spend money I’d rather spend on something else, part of me thinks it’s a nice way to give people advanced notice, then remind them later when they get the actual invite). We didn’t send them because we got married two months after we got engaged, so we had a get-the-invitations-in-the-mail-as-soon-as-possible situation!

    • Definitely understand, Amanda, and your whirlwind engagement must have been awesome! Very busy and occasionally stressful, I’m sure, but still great. 🙂

    • Oh, Etsy — it gets me every time. I just created a bridal registry on the site and think it’s pretty much the most fun thing in the world.

    • Absolutely, Patty — I’m so excited! I promise I’ll tone down much of the wedding talk in coming months, though. Just have so many big decisions to make relatively quickly, and then we can focus on the details for a while.

  3. We were a big fan of using std cards as my husband’s family lives all over the world. I also used wedding paper divas after extensive research and they were awesome. Their pricing is nearly unbeatable!

    • Good to know, Brooke — I’ve found their pricing to be more than competitive, too, and am very excited to finalize my designs!

  4. I sent out Save the Dates, because we got married right before the holidays. With so many out of town guests, I think it was really helpful planning wise. I definitely like Save the Dates and I think they are worth it. I can’t wait to see yours!

  5. You are WAY more on the ball than I am. I have been playing around with the cards on Wedding Paper Divas and I just need to pick. We unfortunately won’t have engagement photos in time so I’m looking at one of the plain ones, which kinda bums me out.

    Are you doing a photo one? I’m obsessed.

  6. There were no such thing when I got married, rest assured I’d have done them..I love stationary too. There are so many great choices now, mine were traditional. Enjoy….so much fun!!

  7. I spent a hefty chunk of my wedding budget on paper products. It was very important to me to have custom paper items. Like more important than things most brides obsess about, such as flowers. I had to have letterpress invitations. Thankfully I found a fairly priced letterpress designer (Twin Ravens Press, if you’re curious) who did a great job.

    Because I spent a bulk of my paper budget on the invites, I had to be budget for the rest of my paper items. I had a graphic artist create our save the dates. We had a board game themed wedding (yep, we’re dorks and proud of it!) and she made a board game out of our relationship milestones. The cost was about $100 for everything, including the printing at Vistaprint, but I had a very small wedding. Save the Dates are a must-have, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests.

  8. I didn’t bother with save tre date, instead, my Dad called relatives and kept them abreast on what was going on. It saved tons of money (even making our own invites was pretty costly) and it gave my Dad something to do as he’s retired and disabled.

  9. I did send save the dates, mostly because my husband’s family is from several states away and needed the head’s up to make appropriate travel arrangements. Also, it’s just fun to be able to announce to everyone that you got engaged! Congrats, and have fun browsing all the options – I know I did!

  10. It’s a great idea if there’s still a while to go. The importance may not be the same, but the number of birthday parties that no one goes to because people have already made plans, save the dates are a brilliant idea.

  11. Haha! I feel ya! SOOOOOO many gorgeous things to choose from. I will always, ever, be a palpable correspondence girl – despite all the cyber shenanigans I engage in. I think “Save the Dates” are a wonderful, practical idea – especially for out of town guests. Can’t wait to see which you choose!

  12. We used Wedding Paper Divas for our invites and were pleased with them. From the selection to ordering to the final product, I really felt they did a great job.
    We sent out save the dates about 6 months out. Our wedding was in the summer and I wanted to make sure people had time to plan. I think people found them useful.

  13. We sent Save the Dates. I think it’s a nice way to give people a heads up about the wedding. Most of my family lives halfway across the country so we wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to make plans!

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