Another step to the big leap

Porch of Swan Point

Come November, this porch will be filled with family and friends and laughter and love. I see kids dashing through the grass, sunshine beating on the veranda, fall leaves casting the woods into rich hues of red and yellow. Then Spencer in a gray suit, smiling from ear to ear, and me in a lacy white dress. Stepping out on my dad’s arm. Then taking the biggest leap of our lives.

We have our venue — and our date. We’re really getting married!

I’m rapidly becoming That Girl with all my bridal talk, I know, but I can see why folks say wedding planning can become life-consuming. It doesn’t have to, obviously, and I’m still doing things like working full-time, folding laundry and scrubbing dishes. But in my off hours, I’ve been spread-sheeting it up — and at the top of our venue search was Swan Point Golf & Yacht Club. Close to home, affordable and lovely, it was even better in person than we’d hoped it would be. We officially booked on Saturday.

Walking down that porch made it all feel very real. Though November is far off, I know it’ll feel as though I’ve blinked and am walking out to see my fiance there for our first look before the ceremony. And then? Well, then I won’t get to call him my fiance anymore!




20 thoughts on “Another step to the big leap

  1. My eldest daughter is getting married in August. Like you, she works but many other moments of her day seem to be involved with wedding planning. I love how happy the whole thing makes her, and I’m delighted you arfe experiencing many of the same pleasures. Keep us in the loop. I’ve got a practised ear on this topic as you can imagine


  2. I too am in the midst of wedding plan. Mine’s in June but I’ve been engaged for over 2 years now. You will be amazed at how quickly wedding planning can suck up all your free time. Last weekend I accidentally spent 2 hours just looking at pictures of table setting ideas. And working out the menu – oh man! It’s all in fun though. Enjoy it while you can!


  3. Wow. I clicked through on their website and those wedding pictures. It is going to be gorgeous! Crap I am excited about your wedding right now! It is such a special time in your life, so you should live large and enjoy every minute!


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