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On a June afternoon in 2008, I sat down to pen my first post on write meg! I was 22, a recent college grad, and desperately searching for a creative outlet after taking a newspaper job in my hometown. Though I enjoyed my work as an assistant editor, I missed school — and the freedom and joy of writing poetry and reading all day. (Seriously, that was my life. And they actually gave me a degree for it.)

Four and a half years later, I’m still at it — and loving it. I “outed” myself as a blogger to my real-life acquaintances years ago, and that knowledge helped move me from an assistant editor to a real-deal one — and earned me a newspaper column. This blog is my “home” on the Internet — and the vessel through which I’ve met countless friends (like you!).

Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without blogging — even if, over the years, it’s changed and grown. After getting sick a few weeks back and not posting for a few days, my dad asked if I could ever see an end to the site. Thinking for a few seconds, I shrugged. “I don’t think so,” I said. “I don’t know what I would do.”

And I don’t.

As I welcome long-time friends and new ones to write meg! (hi to Story of My Life readers!), I’d like to introduce myself — in all my frizzy-haired glory.

In no particular order, I am . . .

• A writer. Having penned my first “novel” on a bunny named Carrot in second grade, my world is strung together by words. Writing is a daily meditation, a form of therapy, a salvation. It’s the way in which I present myself — and the lens through which I understand myself and the world. I can’t not write, and I couldn’t ever stop being a writer.

• A reader. Couples nicely with the first one, eh? My purse feels way too light and weird without a paperback in it. My blog was initially born of my desire to talk about what I was reading, and my reviews are an important part of write meg! But more than the reviews? I love just chatting books with y’all. Reading is a daily ritual as important as sleeping or eating. I make time for it — always.

• A girlfriend. It took years, tears and many a dud relationship to find Spencer, my own princely scientist, but I feel grateful every day for his presence in my life. Whether we’re watching “Downton Abbey” (I converted him!), traveling, hanging with my family or wandering around Southern Maryland, our time together means everything to me.

• A Marylander. I’m incredibly proud of my small, Old Bay-scented state — a place I’ve called home since birth. Our proximity to Washington, D.C., often means we’re combined with other residents of the metropolitan area — but I’m happy to be a true-blue Marylander. And sorry, our state flag is totally coolest.

• A daughter. And a sister. Over the years, my mom and dad have morphed from parents to friends — and I feel fortunate to have a strong bond with them. My little sister is my best friend, confidante and cheerleader — and someone I’m proud to know.

• A baker. I’ve developed a reputation as the Cupcake Lady — and can’t show up to a summer party without the popular Key lime variety. Baking is very Zen to me, and I totally stress bake. If something bad has happened, I’ll probably show up with angel food. It’s just my way.

• A traveler. My parents started carting my sister and me around the U.S. as kids, showing us the wonders of everywhere from Williamsburg, Va., to the Grand Canyon. London is my absolute favorite city — a place I’m so obsessed with seeing that I visited three times in five years. But I’m also pretty fond of California, especially San Francisco and Yosemite. And, you know, just about everywhere else. I’m not really picky. Hand me a plane ticket and I am gone.

• An iPhoner. I’m shamelessly addicted to technology, friends, and my iPhone — last year’s Christmas present — is surgically attached to my hand. I’m trying to get better about tuning out, even going so far as to put my phone on the other side of the room, but hearing the “ding!” of an email is enough to send me scrambling. It’s bad.

• A photographer. Since buying my first “big girl” camera in 2010, I rarely leave home without my Canon Rebel. I grew up posing in front of my mom’s lens, but it took joining a photography club with my mom, meeting Spencer and making my own camera purchase for me to really get hooked. I’ve learned so much in a short time — and can’t wait to document all the exciting life events to come! For now, I settle with slamming y’all with photos on Wordless Wednesdays. And I’m all about Instagram, too.

• A Diet Coke drinker. Despite my efforts to quit in the past, I’m addicted to my morning diet soda. If a cup of coffee happens to be left unattended, well — I might partake. But nothing beats the refreshing zest of a Diet Coke. My officemates report they know I’m in the building when they hear the crack of my can — a habit five years strong. I’d say I’m not proud of it, but that would be a fib. (And okay, I never really tried to quit. That was a beautiful daydream . . . once.)

• A dog lover. My golden retriever is a riot and a half — and such a good buddy. He’s our second family dog, behind my dear girl Roxie, and I believe a dog squeeze can cure what ails you.

• A friend. Though my circle of buddies as grown admittedly small since entering the working world, I really value the friends in my life. Though it might sound odd, I hope I’ll someday be described as someone who had a friendly word for everybody. And I really treasure my blogging connections. You make my world so much warmer.

• A questioner of things. Though I’ve been out of college for more than five years (!) and done with high school for nine (!!), I try to stay inquisitive. I love learning new things, often devouring books and documentaries on my favorite subjects (like the Dust Bowl), and will always consider myself a student.

• A letter writer. I believe very strongly in the power of the written word — and “real” mail is important to me. As a devout member of Postcrossing and a letter-writer on my own, I love nothing more than a personal note . . . and seeing someone else’s handwriting. In our digital world, that connection is powerful.

So there’s probably more . . .

. . . But I don’t have to hit you with everything in one post. I look forward to sharing more thoughts on books, writing, love and food as we sip coffee (or Diet Coke!) along this crazy path together.


Whether you stumbled upon me years ago or are just tuning in today, feel free to introduce or re-introduce yourself in the comments. Blogging is all about connections — and I’m really happy you’re here.

P.S. I’m guest-posting today about my trip to Wales and the experience of reading I Capture the Castle actually in a UK castle at The Worm Hole. Stop on by!


58 thoughts on “Who I am

    • Thank you so much! And don’t worry about marketing. The best thing to do is write openly, honestly and consistently . . . in a way that works for you. Others will find you!

      • I see you have been going since 2008 so its more understandable. Its the Blogs who have only been going for about 2 months and have about 4-500 followers who mystify me. Going to have another read around you Blog now

  1. Hi Meg! I love reading your posts, and this one is great. I am slowly but steadily working to share more of myself through my blog – as countingducks mentioned above, yours is inspiring.

    Also, I am a fellow diet Coke addict – I too have one every morning when I get to work!

    • Ha! So true, Jill. I do tie my identity pretty tightly around my beverages, don’t I? And I’d add gingerbread latte to that, too. It’s quickly becoming my newest obsession.

  2. Such a great post Meg 🙂 I don’t comment often but I just wanted to tell you that your blog is an inspiration!

    • Thank you, Melissa — you are the sweetest. And yep, that’s my Rudy — or Mr. Roo, depending on who you ask. (Or Captain Roo, if I’m feeling professional.)

  3. I think you’re adorable!

    We’re all addicted to our iPhones so have a new rule that they must be stacked when we eat dinner – if anyone touches theirs while it’s in the stack they have to pay the bill or clean up depending on if we’re out or at home.

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog a year or so ago. So much of what you wrote about yourself mirrors my experience, but set in the Midwest. A lover of London, worked at a newspaper straight out of college, love to write/read/take photographs/travel, lover of dogs, etc. I will say I am a hardcore coffee drinker though. Thanks for sharing Meg and for generally being awesome.

    • Thank you so much, Melissa! That does make us kindred spirits, eh? I have my days with coffee, too — especially if it’s gingerbread or otherwise flavored — but I just can’t quit diet soda. It’s my drug.

    • Thanks, Henry! So glad I’m not being publicly scorned for my addiction, haha. In all honesty, that was the one item I hesitated to include in my list.

  5. A blogger near DC! My excitement just grew as I found out we are DMV neighbors! Glad I found your blogspace via Jenni’s blog today. Love finding new reads and am excited to read your book reviews!

  6. Just found you through Story of My Life. I’m also a photographer, occasional writer (though I’m not too good at that one), baker, girlfriend, and pet mama (but my pet is a guinea pig, not an adorable fluffy pup!). Go Gryffindors!! Although, if I’m being totally honest with myself, I’d most likely be a Ravenclaw. But I’d definitely marry a Gryffindor…

    This may be the nerdiest comment I’ve ever left on a blog, btw.

    • Ha! Totally feel you, Stephanie. I want to be a Gryffindor but know in my heart of hearts that I’m a Ravenclaw. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Thanks for stopping by! And if you feel the urge to bake, I’m always available for cupcake taste-testing.

  7. Love this post! You are quite well rounded…your frizzies are unnoticed but if they truly bother you…there is always Keratin…I do it once a year

    • Thank you, Patty! I’ve looked into keratin treatments but have been too nervous to take the plunge. I guess it only lasts a few months, though, right? I might give it and give it a try sometime. At points I love my curls, and at others times, well . . .

  8. How wonderful to find out more about you! I love reading your blog, and it always puts a smile on my face. Except for when sometimes it’s sad stuff, then I’m not smiling. I can’t believe how many things we have in common, we both have iPhones? I didn’t know other people have iPhones that’s just amazing! You love books, you love Diet Coke, you love dogs, oh my God were we separated at birth? Maybe I should go sit down for a while I think I’m getting too excited about your blog. But seriously, I do love your blog, and I think you should write every minute of everyday so that I can continue to be entertained by your thoughts your life and your journey.

  9. I approve of everything on here, except Diet Coke. I’m a Pepsi girl – I know, I know..we’re a dying minority.

    • Puneet, I can get down with some Pepsi — in fact, I’d go so far as to say I can alternate between the two. I’m totally not a soda monogamist. In fact, my obsession with Pepsi Max almost derailed my relationship with Diet Coke entirely . . . but I’m back with my first love. Where I belong.

  10. I LOVE this post! I can’t really imagine what I would do without my blog either….being a blogger is probably one of the biggest parts of who I am!

    • Precisely, Joanne! It’s crazy how something I once considered a lark — just a little hobby — has become such an essential part of my day. It’s bolstered me up in more ways than one. Thanks so much for coming by!

    • Thank you, Laura! Though my reading as slowed in recent months (lack of time, mostly), reviewing is still one of my favorite things to do. And I would be lost without other bloggers’ recommendations.

  11. Great post. 🙂 It’s fun to get to know a little more about you–I really enjoy reading your blog!

  12. You’re also beautiful. I LOVE this Meg and I know I’ve told you before but I just love your blog and your writing and your shining personality. It’s fun to get to know more about you…and also learn what the Maryland flag looks like. What?! It’s crazy (cool). And I hear you on the blogging thing–I’m not sure what my life would look like without it and all of the things it has introduced me to or pushed me to be. I’m glad you’re in it for the long haul. 😉

    And what’s the secret for converting Spencer to DA? Scott REFUSED to watch with me! I think I might borrow this idea Meg. I do have an about me section that is a little similar to this but brief.

    • You are the sweetest, Trish — thank you so much! I blush. And am so thankful for such a kind friend like you. 🙂

      As for “Downton,” well . . . I guess I’m spoiled in that Spence is pretty easygoing regarding shows and movies. If I watch something weird and science fiction-y with him, he’ll let me put on something “cheesy” and romantic comedy-ish the next night. I asked for the first season of DA for my summer birthday, and we plowed through it no time! Once we sat down to watch it, he was surprised by the quality of the show (the filming, the plot, the characters). Bribe Scott into watching a single episode with you . . . and then see if he’s not hooked. 🙂 It’s addictive!

      • He watched it peripherally with me…enough to know who the characters were but not enough to care. I think it was Bates that did him in. 😉 Maybe with S3…

  13. Yay Downton Abbey!!!!!! I love this series so much =) It is so very addictive…I managed to get my brother hooked on it and the next challenge is to get my bf hooked on it just in time for January!

    And this post was so lovely =)

  14. that’s a great self-intro. I’ve been blogging 8 years or so but have always had ‘real life’ and blog integrated. great that you segued this into a paying column.

  15. What a wonderfully organized way to describe yourself. I enjoyed the categories and that you included all aspects of your life. I also recently (but more recently) got my “big girl” canon rebel and am completely in love with it. My boyfriend is a photographer and enjoys showing me the ropes and is delighted when I surprise him with my creative ideas. I immensely enjoyed learning about you!

  16. I loved this. You are interested in so many of the things I’m interested in, which makes your blog such an interesting read! I’m new to WordPress and blogs in general, and I was wondering if you had any good tips. Also, if you’d check out my blog I’d be SO grateful. I only have one post up as of today, but I’m hoping to really get into blogs and make more. Any ideas on how to make time in my hectic life? 😀

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