Of holiday decorating and skinny pants

I used to think we were the only people who decorated so early.

Then I got an iPhone — and an Instagram account. My feed has been flooded with others’ Christmas trees, presents, stockings and ornaments since Friday — and I’m firmly in that camp! After the excitement and good eats of Thanksgiving, we plunged straight into Black Friday shopping and getting the house all decorated for the holidays.

My family almost always puts the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving — and that held true this year. Ours went up Saturday, and Spencer’s tree (with many of my favorite ornaments, and a few we’ve purchased together) was finished yesterday. With Spence’s mom and dad in town for Thanksgiving, we took advantage of their presence to get his place decorated together. It was great having them here — especially because his mom can totally get him to do things his girlfriend can’t. Like put a balsam swag on the front door. (Hey, it’s not a wreath — the least masculine of all decorating devices, according to the dudes. So whatever.)

With four days off from work, I’m slowly getting back into a groove — and trying to get my head screwed on straight. I’ve been so preoccupied with holiday prep that I’ve neglected my space here and my reading. Ack. I feel completely out of sorts when not immersed in a book, so I’m making my books a priority again starting tonight. Hopefully I’ll re-enter the literary world without issue.

Also, apropos of nothing, I’m wearing a pair of “skinny” pants today. Well, the pants are skinny . . . I am not, of course. It feels really weird to have pant legs hugging my ankles, but I decided I’m too young to look so completely unfashionable — and I needed to ditch my ill-fitting black slacks for something that didn’t make me look like I was wearing harem pants. Eh. Though I’m still undecided, I’m trying something new — and I think I like them. Or have the potential to like them, anyway.

I’ll take it.


How are you this Monday? How was your Thanksgiving? Did you put up your Christmas tree last weekend, or do you wait until the week before to dig out all your decorations? So many questions. And you have all the answers.

15 thoughts on “Of holiday decorating and skinny pants

  1. I took advantage of some online sales over the weekend, and I’ll find out about if I like skinny jeans pretty soon, myself. *grin*

    I’m a “let’s wait a week or so to put up that Christmas tree” sort of person… so maybe this coming weekend? In any case, love the holidays. Hope yours are fabulous!


  2. Around this house the Christmas tree (not a “holiday tree,” Mr. President) goes up when the budget permits and the mood strikes. Last year, my wife reminded me, this happened on Christmas Eve! I could only laugh: she was right.
    This year I promise all will be up earlier, including the runners of white lights on either side of the walkway leading up to our front door, which create the illusion of snow on Florida nights.
    Like you, Meg, seeing other decorations and setups gets me in the mood. I hope to send in photos soon with my 2012 creations.


  3. I am kind of amazed with how early some people put up their tree. I have seen some as early as Halloween! I think a month before Christmas isn’t too bad, but there is such thing as too early…


  4. I’m always an advocate for decorating earlier instead of later. That way it doesn’t feel like you’re taking decorations down five minutes after you put them up. Unfortunately, I won’t have a weekend at home until mid-December, so lobbying for early decorating is going to be problem. 😉

    As for skinny pants? Eh, I prefer the harem look for me. =P


  5. We aren’t decorating until the college girls come home. I’ll get a few things out this weekend coming up, but after Dec 7 things will become more festive around here!!


  6. We usually don’t decorate until mid-december, but we’re doing an artificial tree this year so we’re going to put it up earlier than usual. It’ll feel like extended Christmas!

    I was a hesitant convert to the skinny jeans club, too, but now I love them. The ones I got are so super comfy that I hardly wear my other jeans anymore. Plus, they look great with boots, so they’re pretty well perfect for winter time.


  7. This year we are waiting for December 2nd to put up the tree as we’ll be having a big gathering at our new place on the 1st; I can’t wait to place all the decorations! 😀


  8. Belated happy Thanksgiving, Meg! And good job with the skinny jeans – not always the best option for the cold but I love that you can wear them to work/out/to a friend’s place, etc. Don’t have to think too much 🙂


  9. I resisted skinny pants for a long time… but now I have 4 pair! Strange world. We haven’t decorated yet, but I think we might tonight after dinner.


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