Thoughts this Thanksgiving week

Excuse my unexpected absence, friends — I managed to catch some weirdo stomach virus that knocked me flat for a few days. At first I thought, great — super sick and stuck on the couch, but at least I can get some awesome reading done! I’m behind! I have, like, 200 books in my bookcase — and just looking at those piles is starting to make me anxious!

Then I realized I was too sick to move, let alone focus on anything on a page. I wanted ginger ale, a cold washcloth, a quiet room and . . . that’s about it, really. So Roland Merullo’s Lunch With Buddha, no matter how lovely, would have to wait.

But the sickness has passed. I’m back on my feet. Spencer’s parents have arrived, kicking off our week of festivities, and I’m preparing to feast with family, Black Friday shop and drag out the Christmas boxes next weekend. (Well, all right — let’s be fair: my dad or Eric will drag out the boxes. But, you know.) It’s hard to believe we’ll segue straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas, but that’s the natural way of things. And since I’m crazy behind on my holiday shopping this year, that will be my next order of business.

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has been flooded with friends’ “today I’m thankful for . . .” posts this month. While I haven’t participated publicly, I have been thinking about gratitude. When life feels stressful and I’m trying to hold my head above water, I remember how lucky I am to have been born in my country, my family and my world. I’m thankful for my amazing boyfriend; my job; my creative outlets. I’m thankful for this blog. I’m thankful for all of you. And I’m really just . . . thankful to be here.

In a year that has personally proven tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, I’m grateful for life. That’s cheesy, but it’s true.

This week? I will be making Spanish green beans, corn casserole and cupcakes. I will be addressing my Christmas cards on Thanksgiving morning, as is my tradition, and watching the parade with my sister. I will spend time with visiting relatives, who I’m so excited to see, and celebrate an “early” Christmas with my boyfriend’s lovely family. We will be decorating, eating and talking. Favorite movies will be watched. Hot chocolate will be consumed. I will be merry.

I’m thankful. And happy. And here.

And hey, after last weekend? I’m just thankful I don’t have to expect to spend Thanksgiving isolated in a darkened room, sick and angst-filled and without even a book to comfort me.

Some serious gratitude right there.


21 thoughts on “Thoughts this Thanksgiving week

  1. I’ve already sort of segued into Christmas, LOL! The music and lights… but I’ll still wait and celebrate Thanksgiving. I AM behind, however, on cards. Usually I have those picked out already but haven’t found any I really want yet. As for the Thanks posts on FB, I like them too but I really think, seriously, that people should focus on those things all the time and not just November. It’ll make everyone happier!


  2. Glad you’re feeling better so you can enjoy Thanksgiving week. Your menu sounds delish! Holiday shopping and cards- I’m very behind too though I’m usually a late starter. I like your attitude of gratitude even when life has been challenging and I need to follow your example.
    Have a lovely holiday, Meg!


  3. Glad you are back on your feet. It is OK to be a little sick, but a no-reading sick? Bad stuff. I really need an attitude adjustment for the holidays. You are behind on Xmas shopping? I have done NOTHING! We will be celebrating at my parents’ in Indiana this year, so everything is going to have to be very small or will have to be shipped. Urgh.


  4. Glad to hear you got better! These stomach bugs can be such a pain, especially when they don’t even let you read. I hope you have a wonderful time with yours and Spencer’s family!


  5. Megan, you’ve thanked up a storm this week! Although I wasn’t born here — born in Colombia — I appreciate America big time. A couple of trips behind the Iron Curtain before the reforms will do that for you.
    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your corn casserole turns out well.


  6. Glad you’re feeling better and it cleared before the holidays 🙂 Your plans sound wonderful, reading them has made me look forward to my own Christmas (with no Thanksgiving here we’re not yet thinking of holidays). It’s easy to forget about what there is to be thankful for.


  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better, being sick is the yuckiest 😦

    Enjoy your holiday week Meg, have a GREAT one!


  8. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Last year I got the flu on Christmas day and it was miserable. It makes you appreciate being healthy on the holidays even more!


  9. Last weekend I did the Pumpkin pie, even if we don’t have the Thanksgiving Day in italy, but was delicious!! How I wish to be in USA during this time of the year 😦 😦


  10. ABout piles of books, I have same situation with you – and I was out of hope I could read all books I have while continually attempted to have another book..
    Wishing you happiest Thanks Giving, Meg. (:


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