Wordless Wednesday: Last day in San Francisco

In our last few hours before catching a red-eye back to the East Coast, Spencer and I wandered through San Francisco’s Chinatown, rode one of the famous cable cars and took in the stunning views from Nob Hill. A fabulous conclusion to an unforgettable week.

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Last day in San Francisco

  1. If I ever get to the US, San Francisco is a must-visit. It’s just so beautiful. Though I can’t say I’d want to live in the apartment block in the first photo, the way it’s on a hill and the rest of the buildings are a lot shorter is kind of daunting!

  2. I love this city. My heart did a little jump when I saw your pictures. Probably in my top three cities in the US.

  3. Beautiful! I love San Francisco 🙂 It had this unique feel that you can’t find anywhere else. Which; I guess, is kind of the definition if unique…o.O

    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

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