A day that’s less spooky and more merry

The past few days have been scary enough without the addition of a spooky holiday, so . . . you know. I’m hoping this Oct. 31 finds all my fellow East Coasters drying out from Hurricane Sandy and ready for delicious goodies. Get an extra handful of candy pumpkins, friends: you’ve earned them.

To all the other merry ghouls and goblins: happy Halloween! Hoping your day is filled with more treats than tricks. Since we partied last weekend, I’ll be listening for kiddos and celebrating with a work potluck. I’m bringing the cupcakes, of course. As if there’s any doubt.

I’ll be back soon with more “real” content — namely some book reviews. I have been reading, it’s just been . . . well, the past week has been weird. Though the D.C. area wasn’t walloped nearly as badly as predicted, I’m thinking about our compatriots in New York City and New Jersey. My nerves have been frazzled listening to the news and political craziness, so I’ve been digging into Julianne Donaldson’s Edenbrooke, highly recommended by book bloggers, and Danny Wallace’s Charlotte Street. I’m enjoying both — when my attention holds.

And it hasn’t been holding much. Here’s to hoping things soon return to “normal.”

5 thoughts on “A day that’s less spooky and more merry

  1. I agree with you, the horrors of real life far outweigh any creation using scary props! I also wish the best for all those smarting from Superstorm Sandy. This will be history we can recall and recount where we were when it occurred.


  2. I keep hoping for normal, but have made peace with the idea of never seeing it again! Ha! Chaos is the new normal! I’m glad you guys didn’t get mashed up too much, but I know so many did. Seriously, we Floridians can commiserate. We intend to stay home, eat pizza and watch scary movies tonight.


  3. You all definitely deserve to have a nice night, no matter the irony that the day is Halloween. I saw the photos of NYC, very scary. Hope you enjoy the reading 🙂


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