Of Halloween and hurricanes

Well, friends, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast — and I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep power. In preparation for a crazy week, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy (early) Halloween filled with all your favorite edibles, and I hope this finds everyone on the East Coast warm and safe.

Spence and I already hit a friend’s Halloween party on Saturday, so at least I got some of my goblin-filled goodness in before the worst hit. As I type this Monday afternoon, the wind is just starting to pick up and leaves are being whipped from the trees. I’m so glad we captured the fall foliage two weekends ago . . . needless to say, those trees are bare now.

Our look was very, um, “steampunk”-inspired — and I’ll be perfectly honest in saying I really didn’t know what steampunk was until Spencer and I started dating. I enjoyed the vampy quality of the attire, though, and felt quite fancy with my little fascinator. I can see this getting broken out for a Ren Fest down the road. Maybe.

Well, the wind is picking up . . . and I’m not sure what the rest of the week will hold, so I’ll sign off for now. As long as the power holds, I’m planning to do some cleaning, baking, crocheting and reading before I figure out whether I can get to the paper tomorrow. I’d actually taken today off, so I didn’t have to worry about getting into work, but tomorrow? Eh, a whole new ball game. No rest for the media.

And since Halloween has been “postponed” until Saturday, our local trick-or-treaters will get whatever Tootsie Pops and Kit-Kats and miniature Snickers I haven’t tackled while stuck inside.

I really can’t be left alone with these things.

17 thoughts on “Of Halloween and hurricanes

  1. That picture is absolutely adorable! I’m still trying to get into steampunk but I know enough to recognize the costumes.

    Stay safe and may the power stay on. We’re feeling some of the wind from that storm all the way here in Chicago, it must be a real beast.


  2. Thank you, all — we were very lucky that the D.C. area wasn’t hit as hard as predicted, and we managed to keep power through the storm. I made it to work today. Streets are slick with leaves and puddles, and the rain continues — but the wind has stopped and everyone is now working together to clean up. Thinking of everyone in New York and New Jersey, and those dealing with snow (!) in the west. Goodness, gracious.


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