Healthy apple ‘pie’: Half a recipe

We’re in Apple-topia over here.

After last weekend’s trip to the orchard, we drove home with sore feet and bags of apples. My boyfriend is quite the winemaker these days (and even won “best in show” at the county fair this year — woo!); apple brew is one of the concoctions on his to-be-made list. So much of the fruit will be broken down for that.

But the rest? That’s for us. For desserts and snacks and dinners. We’ve been chopping up chicken and apple sausage for dinner, sauteed with slices of apples. I’ve been cutting them up as “dessert,” which isn’t nearly as appealing as, you know, chocolate — but in an effort to cut down on calories, I’m learning to live with it.

And then I found this recipe, which is really just half a recipe. There’s no cooking or real preparation involved. It’s succinct — but tasty. Here we go:

Cut an apple in half, removing seeds, and bake until soft. Top with 2 tablespoons of low-fat or fat-free vanilla Greek yogurt, a dash of cinnamon and one crumbled reduced-fat cinnamon graham cracker.

That’s it.

And it. was. delicious. No butter, no oil, no sugar (except from that solitary graham cracker, but that barely counts). For someone who craves a little sweetness after dinner, this was a treat. Okay, it’s not really pie, but the graham crackers allow me to pretend. I like pretending.

Since we have about 47 more apples to use before they spoil, I have a feeling it’ll be showing up in a kitchen near me quite soon.

18 thoughts on “Healthy apple ‘pie’: Half a recipe

  1. We have four apple trees and three of them produced like crazy this year so we are overloaded too. This looks like a wonderful recipe that I may make this evening! Thanks. 🙂


  2. Oooh, yes! I am all about apple and pumpkin everything right now; however, my booty & tummy aren’t too thrilled about the overindulgence (let’s just say my jeans are crying). A lower-calorie, but still delicious option is definitely welcomed!

    BTW – I’m a bit behind with commenting, so I missed out on responding to your PSL taste test post. Do you have a Jamba Juice near you? If so, you should try the Pumpkin Smash smoothie. Holy pumpkin heaven! 🙂


  3. The best thing about fall is the amazing pies that are made. I love pumpkin and apple pie and i definitely had my fair share of apple pie, its not even thanksgiving yet lol


  4. I got a ton of apples at the orchard last weekend too – thanks for this recipe. It is a nice balance of protein and carbs (important according to my nutritionist . . . )


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