Wordless Wednesday: Fall around the Capitol

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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fall around the Capitol

  1. Lovely pictures! They really make me want to visit DC. I haven’t been there in years even though I don’t live that far away! Hopefully I can make a trip soon- it definitely looks gorgeous in the fall!

  2. That is beautiful! For the last couple of years, my kids and I were up there in early November on a field trip, and I loved all the colors. We don’t get colors down here and I miss it.

  3. Those are beautiful. When I was in RI two weeks ago the colors were just starting to show. I took just a few pictures. I do miss fall so very much.

  4. I have only went to DC once. I really need to visit. While I love me a good Fall Season, I think I’d have to visit in the Spring, though. Those famed cherry blossoms.

    P.S. All I see in that last picture is an ORB! :p

    • Ah, yes — cherry blossom time is definitely the way to go. I’m obsessed! And you’re totally right about the orb-ish blob . . . I’ve been into solar flare recently. I have some better shots that don’t look so ghostly, but I kind of dug this one. 🙂

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