Full moon

Unless I’m worried about a werewolf attack (which, you know — I’m totally not), I rarely pay much attention to the moon. It’s there, and I’m grateful — especially if it doesn’t get any closer and cause a reaction severe enough to plunge us into unnatural winter. And other disasters.

I never worry about these things, anyway. Like, ever. Um.

Saturday’s full moon was bright, big and unmistakable. After a full day at photography boot camp, I was ready to put some of my newly-acquired knowledge to use. But because I stubbornly refuse to use a tripod, I was fighting with camera shake. Eh. Regardless, I was able to hand-hold a shot well enough to capture the above, my best view of the moon to date . . . and though it’s nothing compared to this, I was pretty impressed. And feeling good.

Until my scientist boyfriend discovered I didn’t know the moon’s “glow” is really just reflected sunlight. And then I was playfully mocked.

Guess I should have stayed awake a little more in science class.

12 thoughts on “Full moon

  1. Too Cute! Great picture and thanks for the knowledge on the moons glow…I also didn’t pay much attention in science class!! Do tell Spencer I didn’t know that either.


  2. Great picture! I’ve always wanted to take pictures of the stars and moon etc. but it never shows up on my camera. 😦


  3. BEAUTIFUL shot! I remember waking up (3am) Saturday morning because I thought it was daylight already. The moon was just that full, and shining straight into my bedroom!


  4. Wonderful photo, Meg! So much detail, and hard to guess you’d not used a tripod. I love the full moon, so much more light. A few months ago there was a night or two where it was very yellow and absolutely massive, it was indeed the moon but it took us a while to believe it!


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