Leaf watch

I’ve been on Leaf Watch for weeks already.

Up in New York, reds and yellows were already erupting. The trees along the highway back to Buffalo were a riot of color. In my boyfriend’s hometown, fall will be here — is practically here — before we’ll see a golden leaf in Maryland. It was exciting to be in a place where the seasons are already shifting, subtly but perceptibly, while at home our hot, dry summer persists.

It’s starting to change, though. When the calendar flips to September, the odd tree in my neighborhood will begin to shed its leaves. This year’s record-breaking drought probably pushed many local trees over the edge, and I’m starting to see a few browns mixed in with the green. Those barely count, though. They’re more “dead” and “changing.”

I’ve always loved fall. Maybe because it coincided with a new school year, and I got to break out my new notebooks and pens. Maybe because of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, or the appearance of my beloved pumpkin spice lattes. Maybe because I love when Maryland’s humidity breaks and leaves us with crystal-blue skies. And I love the craft fairs, the hay rides, the pumpkin patches. I love getting out my cardigans, hopping into my boots. I love apple cider and hunkering down with books and the return of my favorite TV shows.

In summer, the world sleeps. And it begins anew in fall.

It’s a delicate time, autumn — just after the horrible heat, before the crushing cold. There’s a sense of sadness sometimes. Impermanence.

And I guess I like that, too.


28 thoughts on “Leaf watch

  1. Hi, I’m from the Netherlands and stumbled upon your site 🙂
    It’s getting colder here too, especially in the early morning. But during the day it’s still quite hot and no color-changing leaf in sight. It will take another six to eight weeks before all that will change.
    I love fall, though. The weather often is very nice but the air can be crisp and the smell of fall is awesome.

    Funny that you see the world sleep in summer and waking up in fall. Here I find it quite the contrary … in summer we all emerge from our homes and start to live outside while in fall everyone starts to cuddle up inside, making ready for our annual hibernation. LOL

    • A very good point about summer and fall! I think the heat is just so stifling where I live, no one spends much time outdoors because of the humidity and general ickiness. Fall is much better for spending time outdoors and exploring! And the smell of autumn is awesome. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. I can’t wait for fall.
    I’ve been watching the leaves too.
    Here our summer was very hot and dry so sadly the leaves have been falling early.
    It has me concerned that it won’t be a colorful fall.
    But none the less, I adore fall and am anxiously anticipating her arrival.

    • We’re getting quite a few dry leaves here, too, and I wonder how the drought will impact fall’s colors? I heard once that they’re more vivid after a water-deprived summer. But I have no idea if that’s true!

  3. My walnut tree got the autumn memo early because it began dropping leaves this week. I had to haul out the rake today! Our summer in the Midwest has been so hot and dry, we probably won’t get much color this year.

    • Hauling out the rake already?! Wow — extreme. I’m anxiously staring at the trees outside my office window daily, waiting for something to start turning, but we’re not quite there yet . . .

  4. Beautifully said! I (of course) love fall too! We live in VA, so we’re waiting right along with you for the change to begin- I hear 70s are in our future this week though! Exciting! So fun to happen upon fellow lovers of this season – oh, and then when I saw your darling shop w/ all the Harry Potter scarves – I instantly decided that I loved you :-)! I’m a huge HP fan. – So glad you visited my blog yesterday, and joined the Fall Friendship Swap so that I could discover your little corner of the blogosphere too! So nice to “meet” you!

    • Yay — that means we’re pals now, Kristin. The weather here in Maryland/D.C./Virginia has definitely improved since that crazy storm went through on Saturday! I’m loving the cool mornings and warmish (but not hot!) afternoons. Really looking forward to the Fall Friendship Swap! 🙂

    • Cool fall mornings are absolutely the best. I’ll admit to really liking spring, too — especially at cherry blossom time! But something about autumn just really has my heart.

  5. You’ve named so many of the things I love about fall. It’s almost a mindset–but you’re right about the impermanence. Summer is behind you and you’re just bracing for the winter, but even though there is bleakness ahead there’s something so refreshing and delicious about the change from summer to autumn. Lucky you with the leaves–snap some shots and share. We don’t change a lot in Dallas and what does change usually doesn’t come until Thanksgiving!

  6. I am definitely a summer person, but I love fall too. (I just had a pumpkin spice latte today….SO GOOD!) Anyway, I am looking forward to many of the things you mentioned in your post, especially the humidity finally breaking. This summer has done a number on my curly hair. 🙂

  7. I was in Maine last weekend with my bf and friends and believe me, if we had to sum up our trip in one (well, two) words, we’d say – leaf watching. Yay for fall!

  8. Such a gorgeous photo! I love fall too–the weather, the leaves, everything. Unfortunately, our transition isn’t as pretty or gradual as it is on the East coast.

    Or perhaps I’m not paying as close attention.

    I need to go on leaf watch as well.

  9. this seems a poem! Summer is at the end and Autumn is coming! In Italy, in Puglia, is totally different…here is hot and hot…Autumn arrives in October-Novemeber…so, visit Italy and Puglia, you will be in another beautiful world!

  10. I read this post at work this week and I absolutely adored it. Especially the last little bit.

    This is exactly how I feel about fall. It is a little bit bittersweet, but still my favorite time of year, even considering how much I truly don’t enjoy the winter.

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