Fresh from the country

Oh hey, y’all — sorry for the impromptu break there!

I haven’t fallen into the caverns of Panama Rocks, though I felt like maybe I could have on our recent trip. Spence and I are fresh from a trip to visit his family in Western New York, and I’m feeling refreshed and country-fied!

That sounds like country fried. Maybe country-fried steak. Mmmm.

So I’ve been working on puzzles, reading (I finished Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South for the read-along! Post coming soon), visiting, crocheting, photographing and generally hanging out. Reality comes crashing back on Wednesday as I return to the office, but it was nice to get away for a bit. Definitely came at a good time.

If I owe you an email or other correspondence, I promise it will be on its way! Going to give myself a few days to get my brain back in gear, and then I’m sure the normal Meg will be back to typing and buying way too much nail polish on eBay in no time. If I know myself at all, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Fresh from the country

  1. Country-fied (AND country fried) is good for the soul. Every year the kids and I go to Indiana to the farm where my parents live and I completely detox my troubled psyche. Breathe fresh air, eat sweet corn, run the country roads. Welcome back!


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