A summer of peaches

I normally don’t pay much attention to fruit. And yes, I know I’m trying to “eat healthier” and “make better choices” and “exercise,” but somehow consuming more fresh produce hasn’t really gotten onto my radar.

But I’m working on that. Spencer and I have been hitting up farmers markets and fruit stands from here to California. Last weekend’s early-morning trip to Berryville, Va., had us stopping at a cute spot called Nalls Farm Market for goodies on our way back to Maryland.

Funny thing about Nalls: we’d gone looking for it 10 minutes earlier. According to trusty Google Maps, it should have been just up ahead on our left after a U-turn — but no such place existed. Dismayed but eying the ominous thunderstorm headed our way, we kept driving toward home and said we’d look for the market another day. And that’s when I spied the ant.

I really don’t like bugs.

“Do you really want me to pull over so you can get an ant off your door?” Spencer crowed, giving me his patented raised-eyebrows look of bemusement and irritation.

Yes, I said. I really do. Or I’ll stare at it the entire drive home — two-plus hours. “Just pull off up here,” I said, gesturing to a little barn and its driveway up ahead.

We were just a few feet away when I recognized the sign I’d seen online: Nalls Farm Market. If it hadn’t been for the wayward ant, we would have sailed straight past the stand . . . and I wouldn’t have gotten these delicious peaches.

In hindsight, we should have just sprung for the bushel. Buying eight of them individually was almost as much as a whole small basket, but I couldn’t imagine we would eat more than a dozen peaches before they rotted.

I was wrong. They’re already gone.

It’s been a summer of fruit. There’s something so refreshing and intoxicating about farmers markets, and I like buying local. What good does my $5 really do? I don’t know. But it feels good to pass it over, even if it’s just a small purchase.

I need more peaches. And peach recipes. If you have any, don’t hold out on me.

14 thoughts on “A summer of peaches

  1. My husband bought a huge box at Costco last weekend, and ours are all gone too. You know what he did with some of them? Squeezed out the juice and made some fabulous cosmo-ish cocktail. OMG. So good. Can’t tell you what else he put in it, except that it was alcohol. If you really want to know, let me know and I can find out.


  2. The few occasions I’ve bought from markets I’ve found you really do get what you pay for and there is nothing better than fruit and veg grown locally without any supermarket involvement. It just tastes so much better. I give Google some importance, but if my gut says a place is in the opposite direction, Google gets the boot.


  3. Those peaches look fantastic! Good for you, eating more healthy stuff. I suppose I’m lucky that I love fruit and veggies. They are my junk food, along with the occasional piece of chocolate!

    I grow my own veggies and occasionally some fruit (myaapple tree and this year some melons) and the taste is different from what’s offered at the grocery store. Farmer’s market is much fresher and it supports the local economy.


  4. I live in Peach Country. Have you ever seen the water tower in Gaffney, SC? That would be a great road trip for you and Spencer! We think the best peaches in the world come from South Carolina, but the whole state of Georgia would argue with us.

    As the wife and mother of two local businessmen, I can tell you that $5 can make all the difference in the world.


  5. There’s a small farmer’s market like two minutes down the road from here and I’ve been meaning to go forever!

    I don’t know if I would have pulled over, but the ant would have freaked me out too. I usually have napkins in the glove compartment so I would have used that… the other day there was a spider in my car while I was driving and I flipped out… I was running really late to an appointment so I felt stressed too and then the spider disappeared….!!! I still have no idea where it is. =(


  6. Make peach crisp!

    I have a foolproof amazing crispy topping that you can use on everything!

    Make a gallette!

    Tomorrow I am attempting one jar of peachy preserves…wish me luck!


  7. My grandmother canned peaches that were so much tastier than the “slippery peaches” that came in a can !~! I miss those so now, and her pickles…


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