Wordless Wednesday: Merced Fruit Barn in Merced, Calif.

Stopping by the Merced Fruit Barn in Merced, California.
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27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Merced Fruit Barn in Merced, Calif.

  1. Holy Yum!!! I’ve just recently started to visit my local farmer’s market (ok, once but plan to go back) and I wish that the peaches looked as delicious as those here! Beautiful flower.

    • Those were definitely some pretty peaches! Everything was lovely, really — wish I’d been able to grab some for the road! But suitcase space was limited. 😦

    • Thank you! I’ve been seeing quite a few stands popping up here in Maryland, though I’d imagine more will be appearing soon.

    • Me too, Kathy. We have a few farmers’ markets near my hometown, but they’re not nearly as appealing as the fruit barn!

    • Don’t eat vegetables?! Blasphemy, Sandy! I’m all about onions and green beans and green peppers and Brussels sprouts and corn and . . .

  2. These photos are gorgeous!

    Also, I laughed when I saw Merced pop up in my feed…just yesterday at work, my colleague and I were talking about the UCal system, and I looked it up, and when I saw that there is a campus in Merced, I said “where the heck is that?!” My colleague went to UC San Diego told me it was in the middle of nowhere, but I thought, based on the map, it was close to San Fran…

    It sounds dumb the way I am typing it out, but it was a really funny conversation! I swear!

    • Merced is pretty remote — we stopped there on our way to Yosemite National Park! But there was a nice town there, and a variety of little places to pull off. I didn’t notice a campus . . . hmmm. But the timing of my post is uncanny! 🙂

  3. I live in rural MS and you’d think we’d have fresh markets like this on every corner…we DON’t. It drives me bonkers! I would so love to have a market like this to shop from…heavy sigh 😦

  4. I love fruit stands! I was able to try a pluot…(cross of a plum & apricot) at a fruit stand in Gilroy. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing your pictures

    P.S. love your idea of “wordless Wednesdays” very creative!

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