No one forgets their first love . . .

. . . and mine was Peter Brady.

Listening to Matthew Dicks’ Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend on audio, I’m reminded of all the places I took my own imaginary friend as a kid. In Dicks’ novel, main character Max has a buddy named Budo, his protector and watcher of all things, and I felt like that about my own friend . . . although he was rather familiar-looking to many of us: Peter.

I was probably around 5 when the Brady family came skipping into my life. Spending summers at my grandparents’ house, my sister and I watched nightly re-runs of “The Partridge Family” and “The Brady Bunch” (this was the early ’90s, after all). Having decided I wanted a brother, Peter became his immediate stand-in. As the boys at school and I got older and paid me no mind, Peter was the one who made me feel accepted. He was a little mischievous, much like his character, but he never led me into any trouble.

In Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend, Budo’s protective nature and understanding of Max is written incredibly well — and Budo definitely reminds me of Peter. He’s sweet, kind and supportive, and I can’t help but want to hug Budo for the way he makes Max feel loved. Listeniing to Dicks’ novel, I have to keep reminding myself that Budo isn’t real. He’s a figment of Max’s imagination: the representation of something he deeply craves. But given how human he seems, I can’t process that Budo doesn’t exist.

Or does he?

I’m only on disc three, so we’ll see.


Did you have imaginary friends growing up? How old were you when you “outgrew” them? Do you remember much about them?


8 thoughts on “No one forgets their first love . . .

  1. I was practically raised with imaginary friends. My older siblings were 4 and 6 years older than me, and my younger brother was 9 years. I don’t remember any of my invisible playmates, though. When I finally learned how to read, I had my nose stuck in books and that’s probably when I grew out of that childhood phase.


  2. I didn’t have any imaginary friends, but I was madly in love with Keith Partridge! Although, I have to admit, the show wasn’t in reruns yet when I watched. 🙂


  3. I remember having one when I was three, I remember playing with them while my mum did some work. Other than that I don’t know. I’m the eldest and I suppose when my sister came along I had no reason to pretend, I had my own (sometimes irritating as sisters are) friend for real!


  4. I remember my first love too.
    His name was Ethan.
    *le sigh*
    Did I have an imaginary friend? My mom says I did when I was real little. I had an odd name for him too. I wish I could remember him.


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