Random thoughts on the second day of summer

Because sometimes we all need a random post, right?

1. My obsession with nail polish has reached a critical point. I’ve actually taken to selling a few new bottles on eBay to feed my addiction, because really — much like my overflowing bookcases, I can no longer store all the shiny bottles of lacquer arriving from Julep and, um, everywhere else. My nails are currently painted with Julep’s Claire, at right. When a friend commented on it being a “wild” choice for me, I decided I’m not daring enough. My goal is to wear whacky colors all summer long.

2. And in the same vein, I’m buying way too many pairs of flats. I’ve purchased three new pairs of shoes in the past month, which has to be some sort of record for my typical shoe-hating self, but I’m getting them cheaper than expected (eBay!) and trying to replace some older pairs that have really had the ax. I’m trying to up my fashion game . . . marginally, anyway.

3. I finally saw “The Shawshank Redemption” from start to finish — and wow, it’s depressing. (“But it has a happy ending!” my dad recently crowed. To which I say: yes, but just barely.) It was really good, though. Really good. Morgan Freeman is amazing — but that’s not breaking news.

4. My birthday is in less than a month. I typically love celebrating, but July 18 is a Wednesday this year — and that happens to be a serious deadline day for me. With a big section going to press plus all my normal weekly duties, there’s no way I’ll be anything but slammed . . . and that depresses me. But I guess that’s adulthood. I’ll have to settle for checking my Facebook notifications and treat myself to post-work dessert. If I’m lucky, maybe someone else will make me cupcakes. I don’t have to bake my own birthday dessert, right?

5. Speaking of dessert, I’m the head baker for my good friend Erin’s baby shower at the end of June! Blue velvet cupcakes — maybe 72 of them. I’m a little nervous. Baking is no problem, and even decorating doesn’t scare me . . . but the thought of transporting 72 cupcakes along bumpy roads makes my stomach drop. I have one of those big plastic carrying cases, but it only holds 24. Hmm
. . . if anyone has any transportation suggestions, please send ’em my way.

6. I’ve become obsessed with Brussels sprouts. I know that’s, like, really weird, but they’re my new favorite vegetable. Spencer got me hooked on them, bringing home the steam-in-the-bag variety, and I find myself requesting them at least once a week. Maybe we should try roasting them for something different.

7. I’m in a book-hopping mood. Sometimes I gobble up novels in a sitting or two, never flitting between books — and other times, like now, I’m restless and anxious and . . . I don’t know. Unfocused. I’ve picked up and put down three or four books in the last week, reading 30-50 pages of each before casting them aside. I’m not ready to throw them in the “abandoned” category, but nothing I’ve read since Beautiful Ruins has really held my attention. Really great books seem to do that: ruin you for a while.

8. Despite being a huge and long-standing fan of “The Bachelor” franchise (I know, I know . . .), I just can’t get into Emily’s season. While I initially loved her on Brad’s show, I’m very lukewarm on he rnow. Obviously she’s a real person and I don’t know her, but I always thought she was sweet and maybe a little “above” competing on a reality show for love. (Not that I judge that — I don’t, honestly; everyone has to meet somewhere.) Now she seems like yet another sell-out. But that’s just me; many people still luuuuurve her.

9. A show I am actually enjoying? “Dallas.” Considering I was in diapers when its first incarnation was on air, I have nothing to compare it to . . . but it’s filling the gaping hole in my life left by “Revenge” ending for the season. (My God, that finale. That finale. My jaw = on the floor.) And the actor playing John Ross reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which reminds me of “The Tudors,” which reminds me of when I was actually excited about TV. So good times all around.

10. And because I like ending on even numbers . . . I’m really excited to see my family for our annual crab feast/reunion in a few weeks. You can’t be a Marylander without developing some affinity (or appreciation, at least) for seafood, and I haven’t gone crab pickin’ yet this year. Blasphemy, I know . . . but I feel like I’ve barely been home. Here’s to settling back in and wielding a crab mallet in the weeks to come.


33 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the second day of summer

    • Though I was crying and miserable through parts, I’m glad I saw it, too! Definitely made me think about Life and Everything In It. Which can sometimes freak me out, but that’s all right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Okay. Everyone around me is officially obsessed with their nails. I get about 3 email forwards a day from coworkers showcasing insane nail art. I need your email to send them to you. I am addicted to brussel sprouts too! Roasting them is the way to go. Roasting them in duck fat is an even better way to go. It’s insane. I eat it like candy.

    • Yes! Yes! Email anything you like to writing.meg [at] gmail.com. I’ve taken to painting and repainting my nails every other day . . . which is ridiculous, but I sort of can’t help it. And I’m intrigued by the duck fat/Brussels sprouts idea . . . hmm.

  2. My birthday is in July too it’s July 7th! Hopefully yours will be better than you imagine. Also I’m in love with nail polish too! I just gave myself a yellow french tip.

    • I bet the yellow French tip is so pretty, especially for summer! And it’s always nice to know a fellow cancer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy (early) birthday, Kree!

  3. I actually didn’t care for Emily all that much on Brad’s season, but I’m watching this season anyway and am finding that she seems to be one of the smarter or more “real” bachelorettes I’ve watched. I think she’s making some good decisions. Like she’ll keep someone a week longer than I think she should, but then she’ll see through them and let them go. There is one guy still there I’m not a fan of that she realllly likes, but he’s not BAD, just not someone I like.

    I’m in a book hopping mood right now too. I usually hate it when I’m like that but I’m trying to convince myself that it can be fun, LOL.

    I’ve never seen The Shawshank Redemption…

    • Now that Emily’s season is getting down to the final set of guys, I think I might start tuning in! I’m sort of in “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” withdrawal, and I’m not sure I like being so out of the loop . . .

  4. I am in such a book hopping mood too! I don’t know if it’s my book choices but I haven’t found a book that truly “sucks me in” in a while. And I’m reading 50 shades of grey now and I’m ready to quit! There’s no way I can finish without hating Anastasia more and feeling like I wasted hour of my life!

    • Hahaha . . . oh, Fifty Shades Of Grey.. You know, the more I hear about it? The more I’m not sure I can resist the allure of reading something that has people so divided. Some are obsessed; others can’t stop making fun of how horrible it is. I have a feeling I know on which side I’d fall, but hey . . .

  5. You should save the bday celebration for a week or so. That’s what I did this year. Mine was is May, but it was the same week as my only brother’s wedding, my only sister’s 30th bday and my Dad’s 60th bday (seriously) and so I just waited a couple weeks to do something with the Huz. Also, love Brussels sprouts and I hate it when a great book puts me in a “I’ll never find anything else that good to read again” funk.

    • I like the idea of a delayed celebration! Because sometimes there’s just way too much going on, and I hate jamming tons of (supposedly) fun stuff all together. That makes it distinctly un-fun.

  6. I’m loving Dallas too! Since I also was too young to watch the original I crazily watched all 14 seasons before the TNT premiere.

    One of my friends made cupcakes for another friend’s wedding. To transport them she bought those pink cardboard boxes that bakeries use. Quite a few websites sell them.

    • Good idea about the cardboard box! If I’d gotten more organized (which I really should have…), I could have ordered some. Ack. And good for you watching all of “Dallas” — wow! That’s very impressive. Since I like the new version, I’m intrigued enough to watch the original series, too.

  7. Free ebooks have turned me into an even more read-a-holic than I have been for the past fifty years. Oh my. Love the color of that polish; I don’t polish but I LOVE colors and you have scored a winner there, my little friend. Happy B-day (I just hit 55 a few days ago) aren’t summer birthdays the best ?!~!

    • Summer birthdays are the best! I disliked having one growing up, since I didn’t get the coveted during-school birthday celebration — complete with official birthday pencil from my teacher — but I’ve grown to love it now. Glad you like the polish, too — it’s good for summer!

  8. i always forget you and i aren’t quite contemporaries! not seeing shawshank? that’s a CRIME! it’s one of my favorite movies. also, i remember my mom watching dallas when i was in middle school–lots of glitzy outfits, cowboy hats, and oil tycoons. i didn’t even realize there’s a ‘new’ dallas out there. i’m with you on the nail polish. now that school’s out, i’ve been embracing my inner freak and polishing my nails COLORS! during the year i stick with ‘bubble bath’, ‘sweetheart’, or any other pale essie or OPI shade of pink. now i’m sporting some insane shade of gray that changes color from gray to peridot to violet in different light. fun times. ๐Ÿ™‚ and no thanks on the crab fest. i don’t eat anything from the water. make sure to wear a poncho when you wield the mallet.

    • Gray polish is so much fun! Back when I was trying to be “sophisticated” (ha!), I started stocking up on all sorts of muted colors like that . . . enjoyed them for a while, then started buying bizarre shades (bright green, yellow, etc.). Now I’m pretty good at mixing and matching depending on my mood! Right now I’m rocking gold on all my fingers, with a gold and red (“Hunger Games”-inspired!) glitter on my ring fingers. Wacky!

  9. Shawshank Redemption is one of the few movies I can stand to watch over and over…which is good, because Mitch will watch it Every. Single. Time. it’s on tv.

    And hooray for fun nails! I currently have have green toenails. I’m having a hard time going back to red and pink.

    • My dad is the same way with “Shawshank” — which is how I wound up actually watching it all the way through! I think TNT was having a marathon or something. I just happened to finally hunker down to watch it all the way through.

    • That’s for sure, Kathy! But it’s quite all right. And get bold with that nail polish — I bet you’ll find you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I like when you make lists! Love the nails, I’m so boring. I like shoes too much, just after books obsession. Have a happy weekend.

    • Loving shoes is a new thing for me, but I’m really into bold prints and brightly-colored flats now! It’s getting dangerous.

  11. 1) I love that nail color!!
    2) The Shawshank Redemption: I just saw for the first time last year… damn depressing movie.
    3) Emily: Sigh. I’m really back & forth on her. There are moments in which she seems to have it all together and is actually making good decision… and then there those moments that make me want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her really hard and/or tell her that he’s a conceited moron.

    • Invariably I wind up wanting to punch someone on every season of “The Bachelor”/”Bachelorette,” and I have a feeling these guys would be no different for me! Though I haven’t been watching the show, I get caught up on gossip sites and such. Very interesting. Just hope she’s happy when all this is done!

  12. I have so much to say about this, so I’m just going to run down the list.

    1. One of my best friends from high school is obsessed with nail art. So it’s a legit thing and perfectly normal. Me, I tend to go through nail painting phases, especially when mine are actually long and worth painting.
    2. Said friend is born in late July — maybe it’s a birth month thing?
    3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who just saw that movie recently. Can you imagine it narrated by anyone else though? I mean, his voice deserves to be recorded with every word in the dictionary.
    4. I’m a critical reader too – wondering if there’s anything wrong with that, except that then I tend to reread things over and over.
    5. I know nothing at all about Dallas, except that it’s crazy good. Probably should start watching. The costars were on our radio station the other day saying how they never know what’s going to happen next. Kind of cool how it’s unpredictable but still works, you know?

    OK, I’m done.

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