I left my heart in San Francisco — and Yosemite

Okay — who doesn’t leave their heart in San Francisco?

Jet lag is currently holding me hostage, but we’re home. A week of fun and food and laughter and memories — and too many amazing, phenomenal places to mention. Yosemite completely stole my breath, and I’m already scheming of ways to make it back there someday. I loved the park so much that I’d wager half my heart is in San Francisco, and the other part is near Bridalveil Fall.

To be honest, I’m a little sad to be home. I wasn’t ready to leave. Usually my vacations stretch on so long that I’m desperate to get back to my computer, desk and “normal” life. I’m very happy to see my family again, of course — I missed them — but really enjoyed spending so much time with Spencer, neither of us busy or distracted. It took getting away for me to realize how overextended I feel — both at work and in my personal life. I made a vow to remember the quiet moments of our trip in my more stressful ones and find a way to keep a little of that serenity with me.

When I was in the UK last spring, I waxed philosophical about how difficult it was for me to disconnect from technology for a few weeks. I missed my phone terribly, irked beyond belief that I couldn’t keep in constant contact with Spencer. I fretted about not checking my email or keeping up with Twitter. I wondered what was happening in the blog world and checked local news abroad.

In California this year, the reverse was true — I was irked to be connected with the ol’ iPhone, though I loved snapping photos to share with family and friends on the go. I didn’t want to think about work or other obligations. I didn’t want to worry about any of my normal nonsense . . . in short, I wanted to truly be on vacation. And I guess that’s why it’s difficult for me now, being home, since I intentionally pushed all my usual worries into the “to be dealt with later” category. And later is now.

I’m sure everyone feels this way. Being away is such a rush — it’s euphoria, really. I needed the break and didn’t realize how much I desperately wanted time away with my boyfriend — seeing new things, photographing everything, eating All the Food in California — to rejuvenate.

So now I’m back! I missed you crazy kids, but I think I’m a better Meg after my journey 3,000 miles west. And I have stories, friends — lots of them. They’re on the way.

P.S.: Today is write meg!’s fourth birthday! Thank you all for your kind words, comments, support and friendship over the years. I love talking books and life with all of you — and here’s to four more.

23 thoughts on “I left my heart in San Francisco — and Yosemite

  1. A couple of years ago, my husband, the kids and I took a two week trip to Grand Canyon, Yosemite (where we rented a cabin) and S.F. Half the trip was spent in Yosemite. And we would all tell you that it was our favorite trip EVER. And we have been to some pretty incredible places. We unplugged (no service anyway) and hiked and cooked and rode horses and just spent time together. It was amazing. So I understand where your head is at right now. I think it made a difference for you because you were with Spencer. Happiness is where he is.


  2. Thank you for reminding me of my awesome trip travelling across the US last year. We ended the trip with a hike in yosemite and I think I most definitely left a bit of my heart in S.F. x


  3. I think I really need to learn ow to unplug and get away. I’ve just got myself,to “connected” lately. I had a great trip to Utah in May. National Parks are really such a wonder. Welcome back.


  4. I’m sure I would leave my heart in San Francisco too, have seen enough pictures and video footage to confirm it. On my recent holiday I was connected to the internet, and we’d planned it that way, but it did make me anxious to check out news constantly. Overall I think disconnected holidays are better, though it does leave you feeling swamped on the return. Congratulations on 4 years!


  5. So glad you and your boyfriend had an enjoyable and relaxing vacation! My sister recently spent a long weekend in SF, so it was extra fun following your pictures on Instagram (after just having followed all of hers!). Looking forward to hearing more – and happy anniversary to your wonderful blog as well!


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