And they’re off . . .

Ah, vacation — is there a lovelier word in the English language?

I’m taking a much-needed break — from work; from blogging; from normal life — in California. In an effort to recharge, the blog will be “dark” for a while . . . but I promise I’ll be back. With more pictures than you’ll probably want to see in a lifetime.

Y’all be good while I’m gone, now. No funny business. No wild house parties. In bed by 10 p.m. at the latest, and don’t you let me hear you stirred up any trouble.

14 thoughts on “And they’re off . . .

  1. Have a wonderful time! There is nothing but good going on in California, vacation-wise (won’t touch the topic of their financial state). Drink lots of wine!


  2. Have a blast and get recharged. I love California–from the Gold Country and Wine Country, to Monterey, Big Sur, LA, La Jolla, and San Diego–I think I need another visit myself!


  3. Recharging is important! I hope you have an amazing vacation and that you come back with plenty of energy, exciting memories and stories, and beautiful pictures of course!


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