Cupcake liner organization — a Pinterest challenge

Oh, Pinterest. That epic timesuck furthering a misconception I’m craftier and artsier than I really am. I can’t log in without wanting to bake, create or wear everything in sight, and I’ve found some fabulous decorating ideas and saved tons of cupcake recipes for future use. As if I’ll ever run out of those.

And speaking of my cupcake obsession, I’ve amassed quite a few decorative cupcake liners over the years. So many that they’re literally spilling out of my kitchen cabinet, their colorful wrappers winding up on the floor. I’ve been thinking about ways to get organized and keep them clean and accessible, and that’s when I saw this:


The lovely Trish issued a challenge for all the Pinterest addicts out there: actually do some of the things you pin in the month of May. Never one to shy away from adventure, I joined up — and completing my cupcake organization was my first task.

After a few weeks of searching for a comparable glass container, I eventually found one I liked from HomeGoods. Though not as lovely or large as this baby at Such Pretty Things, I’m really happy with how it turned out! And by “turned out,” I mean how it looked when I stacked all my cupcake liners inside. It took less than five minutes.

Here’s mine:

Pretty enough to leave out year-round!

For $4, I have a way to store my cupcake liners and, best of all, actually keep track of everything I own. Do you know how many packages of Christmas cupcake cases I have? (Answer: at least four. That I can find.) Though I might eventually invest in either a second or larger jar (this is already full, as you can see!), I’m hoping my organized storage system will encourage me to use up what I already have. And that will save me money. Win-win!


Many thanks to Trish for much-needed nudge to get crafty! Join the fun this May by completing a few Pinterest-inspired projects, recipes, etc. For more information, visit Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity.

17 thoughts on “Cupcake liner organization — a Pinterest challenge

  1. Love it!! And you’re right, it is pretty. I only have some Halloween cupcake liners right now but this might convince me to go buy some more liners. Bahahaha.


  2. OMG!!! I love this!!!

    Did you see the jar of ticket stubs!!M

    I am doing this too if I can find my cupcake thingies!!!


  3. Cute! I have a similar jar filled with cookie cutters, but may need to do this too! I also have cupcake liners everywhere!

    I’ve made several recipes from pinterest, and a few other crafty things… šŸ™‚


  4. Honestly I don’t think I’ve seen many different designs, I suppose limiting searches for party food to supermarkets doesn’t exactly do much for creativity. The idea’s a good one, though it’ll be hard not to buy more once they’re been used because an empty jar isn’t so decorative!


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