Ready for a Jennifer-filled summer

I’m back from New York City! What a weekend. A full report (complete with plenty of photos) will be coming your way tomorrow, but until then . . .

I was reading chick lit long before I ever knew it was chick lit. In my late teens, authors like Jennifer Weiner accompanied me through the murky waters of starting college, beginning and ending relationships and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

Novels like Weiner’s Good In Bed (not quite what it sounds like!) gave me perspective in some messy personal situations, and I’ve closely followed her work since I first stumbled across one of her books in an old Waldenbooks (remember those?). A coworker had recommended her work when I was searching for a “must read” author, and she didn’t steer me wrong.

When I really love an author, nothing excites me more than a new release on the calendar — and Jennifer rarely lets us down. Though recent releases like Best Friends Forever didn’t have quite grab me like earlier favorites, I’m always eager to see what she’s out with next. Her most recent book, Then Came You, will be released in paperback tomorrow — May 8. Also out tomorrow is Swim, a new ebook short story available for free to all you lucky ducks with e-readers. And the schmucks like me, trying to read via the Kindle app on my iPhone. (It’s so tiny.)

Years back, I met Jennifer at a signing in Virginia — and she couldn’t have been funnier or more gracious. Filled mostly with women and the occasional boyfriend (including my own brave guy), Jennifer’s audience was captivated by her anecdotes and stood patiently to have their books signed. I brought along my original copy of Good In Bed to grab her signature, which is now in a place of honor in my bookcase.

Jennifer will be touring again in support of her next release, The Next Best Thing, out July 3. See if she’s coming to a city near you! (And if you’re in New York City, don’t miss her team-up with Jen Lancaster in June. Jealous.)

7 thoughts on “Ready for a Jennifer-filled summer

  1. I’ve never read any of her books. They sound like excellent summer reads. I will check them out. I’m also the one reading kindle singles (that’s about all I can take) on my phone.


  2. I love Jennifer’s books, but haven’t read her most recent ones. I am looking forward to reading The Next Best Thing this summer though. She is coming to my local bookstore this week- hopefully I can go to her signing!


  3. i’ve not ready many of her books, but the ones i have had the same kind of impact. i purchased Goodnight, Nobody, and read it over the course of an 8-day vacation to California to see a man. that was quite the tumultuous time in my life, and the book was a steady staple during that trip.


  4. I love Jennifer too! When Good in Bed came out it of course caught my eye because of the title, not because I was hoping for sex tips, but more because it was on a table with other chick-lit (by today’s standards) fiction. I had read some of the other books displayed and figured that if it were anything like them, it was a winner. Then I read the premise and was sold. The whole time I read the book I felt so close to Cannie and was so proud of her achievements at the end. Weiner’s stories have not always pleased me but I do enjoy her work and look forward to new stuff as it comes out. Great post! You’re so lucky to have met her. 🙂


  5. I’m really picky about the chick lit, and hers is just perfect. It’s a great balance of fun and personal exploration and really smart writing. I read Good in Bed and In Her Shoes when I was between college and grad school (if I remember correctly), and I’ve long been a fan of her blog and Twitter convo. Lucky you that you got to meet her!!! She seems like such fun.


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