Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from Wales (April 2011)

Scenes around Wales, including Cardiff,
from my British Escape this time last year.

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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Scenes from Wales (April 2011)

  1. I’ve not been to Wales, but years ago when I was in and around London for a couple of months I swear I just wanted to move there. In the country. Raise sheep. Run a B&B with a cat in it. These pictures just take me back.

  2. I hope I can visit Wales someday do. Beautiful pictures, I like the last two the most (the second to last for the details, and the last one for the gorgeous landscape!)

  3. Beautiful photos of Wales! Brings back many fond memories for me. Thank you for posting them and thanks for the earlier visit to my site! Hope you’ll stop in again sometime; I’ve got you book marked so I can get back to you again. Thanks again for such beautiful images.

  4. We went to Snowdonia and Conwy – northern Wales – what a beautiful country that is! You can easily see why historical books have ‘gypsies’ from Wales – and it was fun looking at the road signs while driving…what a wacky language Welsh is! Great pics! Love the graveyard shot.

  5. OK just to make you all really jealous I live in Cardiff, Wales (photos 3&4). So glad you were able to make this trip Meg! Thanks for posting these, Wales is an incredibly beautiful land, mountains, coasts, rolling hills, culture of song, creative arts and community. I’m not Welsh, my hubby is. Thanks for liking my blog the other day…..it’s good to connect with you.

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