The second coming of my favorite jeans

I have a bad habit of ruining pants.

The way my jeans tend to wear out, rip and tear, you’d think I was going around doing jumping jacks in the dirt after walking on my knees through concrete. After a year or two, my pants — assuming they still fit — seem tattered beyond repair. They fray, wear out and generally look awful. Part of that is probably due to buying “cheap” jeans, I guess. And the other part? I guess I just live hard.

Even my Levi’s, the most coveted of all my pants, tend not to last long. As I’m on the short and curvy side, shopping for jeans is an exercise in patience and stamina. Everything I find is either too long, too short, too snug or too loose. Nothing seems to fit my figure exactly. I know that women everyone voice this some complaint — even (or especially?) the svelte, 6’1″ types — but it’s seemed like a never-ending frustration in my life.

Until the 545s.

I’m not sure when I first discovered them. Based on my shopping habits, I’d reckon it was at a Macy’s or Kohl’s. Regardless, they had them in my size and inseam (petite/short — depending on your level of political correctness) . . . and since I splurged, they were probably on sale. These were the holy grail of jeans. They hugged exactly what I wanted to hug, didn’t come up too high (or get too low), were a lovely soft faded blue color and generally were awesome.

I wore them for years, basking in their perfect fit. They were my constant go-to pants, always there and lookin’ good. I was probably wearing them on my first date with Spencer.

They ripped, of course. The material around the back pockets became thin and worn, and eventually began to separate. Meaning, you know, it was only a matter of time before I had a serious fashion disaster. And uncomfortable moment with the general public.

Lest you think I throw money about willy-nilly, I tried to repair them myself. My stitches worked okay for a little while, but they really looked silly (and obvious) — and in time, the jeans began to fray in other spots, too. On one sad, cold day, I had to declare them unsalvageable. I’ve died a little inside ever since.

Seeking a replacement, I’ve tried for years to recapture the magic of those 545s with another jean — but nothing ever measures up. I haven’t been able to find the pants anywhere since my pants were wrecked, and Internet searching yielded nothing. I couldn’t even find a record of them on the official Levi’s website. I mean, why? It seemed like a terrible curse, a cruel prank: here, give the girl the most amazing pair of jeans ever in the history of the universe — and then ruin them. And don’t let her find a replacement. Let her live with the memory of the perfect jeans, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants-style, but keep them away forever.

I tried to drown my sorrows in jeans from Old Navy. I found a few styles I liked, one called the “Diva” (all right, I’ll go with it), but nothing measured up. Every other pair of Levi’s wasn’t right. In a fit of frustration, I tried on a different pair a few months back and convinced myself they were similar to my 545s, but that was a lie. And I couldn’t lie to myself when I got another look in the mirror.


After years of wearing not-quite-right pants, I returned to my trusty old friend — the Internet — and did another search for the elusive 545s. Fully expecting the bitter pang of disappointment once again, I waded through the results without my interest . . . until.


You guys, I know Amazon means trouble (and even evil?) for many shoppers, especially those who favor books, but they have my pants. And so does Zappos. Like an answer to my petite prayers, my jeans cut through the ether and appeared on my little laptop screen.

My keyboard caught fire as I furiously clicked to buy them.

I’ve never tracked a package so obsessively. I’m trying to tamper my expectations, just in case the 545s aren’t quite as I remember them, but I really can’t imagine a more glorious reunion.

It’ll feel like coming home.


Are you devoted to a special pair of jeans? Does pants shopping strike anger and annoyance in your heart, too? When you find a style you like, do you tend to stick with it? (Jeans are just one of those things.)

13 thoughts on “The second coming of my favorite jeans

  1. Shopping for clothes in general feels like an exercise in futility these days. Most of today’s styles aren’t right for this middle aged body, and when I find something that is, one size is too small and the next size is too big. I always look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.


  2. Yep, it’s tough to replace or find an identical pair of favourite jeans…but I find it’s even worse finding a replacement for a fave shade of lipstick that is no longer made ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I have to admit that I buy boy jeans… Being short and curvy myself, I cannot stand the way women’s jeans fit, and I love the deep pockets you get with boy jeans! Have fun watching the tracking process as your favorite jeans wing their way to you!


  4. Ohmigosh, I LOVE Levi’s! Unfortunately, when they discontinued MY magic cut, they totally disappeared. For good. Into thin air. Vapor. I found THE LAST pair at an old-fashioned dry goods store, they were longs, but I made them work and wore them to threadbare graceful death. And I found a random pair of cords in the same cut, which I also wore to the bitter end (they actually just got retired. Mum forcibly took them out of my closet in October, lol) … So I’ve had to punt and go on jean hunts. Ick. I’m one of those tall skinnies, with very, very, very persnickety jeans needs, so finding jeans is brutal. When I find acceptable pairs – I buy in multiples. Because they all disappear so fast, and I wear jeans practically 365 days a year… I did find a near perfect at Aeropastle, but it’s no Levi’s…so I rejoice in your happy find ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy them, and may they be all you remember!


  5. I absolutely hate jeans shopping. It seems it never fails, I find something that I like and then it goes away. I’m still trying to find the next perfect pair. Perhaps I’ll have to give your 545’s a try.


  6. Oh, I’ve totally been here. Maurices used to make my favorite jeans in the world and I got a bunch of pairs, but inevitably they’ve all worn out or gotten holes and Maurices doesn’t have them anymore. I’ve been trying The Limited, but the length is all wrong (short is too short, regular is waay long). Ugh, jeans!


  7. I am so not a fan of shopping (I’m also quite short and struggle to find pants the right length!), but will say that when I find jeans I love, I snatch up a few pairs. Having a couple as backup is a great way to know that you’ll be set for awhile!


  8. I hope those jeans are everything that you expect! I HATE jean shopping. Like seriously HATE. Even more so than bra shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in about six years and when I couldn’t fit into mine anymore after the baby (and during), I wore Scott’s levis. Will have to take a look and see which number they are. I did have some 501s in high school that I loved. And my favorite pair is the Long and Lean from Gap but they’re starting to thin around the pockets and below the zipper so I don’t wear them that often. Anyway… hope that you and your jeans get reunited and it feels so good. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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