Memories of Easter candies past

So yes, I’m trying to lose weight. Like 90 percent of the general adult population. Like many friends and coworkers, all of whom conspire to keep me on the straight and narrow. Like my poor boyfriend, who is constantly trying to get me to embrace his healthy(-ier) lifestyle . . . and has faced my hungry, annoyed face on more than one occasion. Especially as I explore the theories set forth in Cynthia Sass’s S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim, a diet book that is both enlightening and profoundly upsetting.

Because I seem to be doing All The Bad Things.

And I know a tough holiday is coming up, friends: a holiday in which I sacrifice myself at the altar of hollow chocolate bunnies. When I was a kid, Easter was all about family (and it still is, of course), worship and, well . . . presents. Edible presents.

I’m talking candy, y’all. Real, sugary, honest-to-goodness candy.

Like Christmas morning, Easter Sunday back in the ’90s would always begin with my sister and I huddled together while my parents prepared to capture our shrieks of delight as we ran down the stairs. Many years featured the Easter Bunny hiding little toys and plastic eggs around the living room, leading us into a small scavenger hunt, and we tore through the downstairs seeking our prizes.

This went on for a while — years and years. Until Katie, reaching the age of reason, finally looked at me with wide, blinking eyes. “The Easter Bunny’s handwriting sure looks a lot like Mom’s,” she scoffed, holding up a folded index card with scavenger hunt instructions. And being the older, bossy sister I was, I could only shrug with what I imagined as an impassive expression on my face. It was probably the mocking “I know something you don’t know” look all siblings despise.

At 26, I still look forward to Peeps and chocolate bunnies and robin’s egg bubblegum. And Reese’s eggs and Pixy Stix and Cadbury cream eggs. As long as I don’t get any NECCO wafers (blech, seriously — what are those?), I’m a happy girl — and no amount of faux-dieting I convince myself I’m doing will keep me from diving headfirst into my basket this year.

I’m Meg, a sweets addict. As evidenced by the time I posed in Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City — quite possibly the most insane shopping experience I’ve ever had. In the twenty or so minutes we prowled the store, we saw and heard two glass containers full of sugary goodness smash to the floor . . . and trying to check out was enough to give me a panic attack. And all I wanted was a little porcelain container shaped like a cupcake.

And candy, of course. I don’t remember what I got, but there’s no way I left empty-handed. I must have brought home some sort of sweet for Spencer, who lives and dies by Jelly-Belly jelly beans. Pear flavored, to be exact. I tell the man he’s sweet enough already (aww), but he’s hopelessly addicted.

I don’t worry about it, though. I’m definitely not one to judge.


So tell me, friends: What’s your favorite type of Easter candy? What did you love as a kid? Has your sugar-covered palate changed over the years?


27 thoughts on “Memories of Easter candies past

  1. It has to be cadburys creme eggs, or just a good old fashioned sugar coated chocolate egg…. Or for the fancy pants in me you really can’t beat the Lindt Bunnies at Easter.

  2. Without a doubt, the Cadbury Egg. But I have been on this most insane diet since the beginning of the year and I’m not hijacking it now. I SHALL be attending an Easter brunch that involves the alcohol I’ve given up for Lent. I shall be passed out by 3:00. This year, my daughter, being the wacko 14 year old, has informed me I’m “not to get her anything edible for Easter”. WTF? OK well I guess her brother is going to get it all then. Did you know they have edible Easter grass now?

    • Does the edible Easter grass taste like sunshine, rainbows and happiness? Because if so, I’m totally in!

      You’re a much stronger woman than I am, Sandy. My willpower around this time of year is shot to you-know-where. And at Christmas . . . and around my birthday (so much cake!) . . .

  3. I too was totally addicted to Cadbury Cream Eggs. I could not wait for the first shiny blue and green and red and yellow wrappers to adorn the drugstore shelves….ahhh…but now, I think I have lost my taste for them. They seem overly sweet – almost cloying – and too heavy. I am sad to think that this might be a sign of me being a grown-up. However, I have discovered that the small Cadbury Eggs that come in the egg carton are just my size. There is hope for me after all!

    • I feel you, Kristin, and agree that a large-size (I guess that’s normal-sized?) Cadbury Egg can be a little much. But the bite-sized versions are excellent! Just a little taste of chocolate to get me through the day . . .

  4. Chocolate is the only candy I like, though, I’ve never been a fiend for it. Seriously, Easter candy could last me two months…easily.

    • I wish I were that good! Easter candy doesn’t last long ’round these parts, especially if I take it to work. But then I wield it on my unsuspecting coworkers, so that sort of helps . . .

  5. Is no one here going to speak up for Reese’s eggs? They are the best! Your story about your sister and the handwriting reminds me of the time my sister and I found my mom’s stash of Reese’s eggs before Easter and um, well, there weren’t any left for the basket. Boy did we get in trouble and then we knew for sure WHO the Easter bunny really was!

    • Haha! Yes, sooner or later we learn the Bunny’s secrets . . . and that’s sort of a sad day. I’m with you on the Reese’s eggs, they’re definitely some of my favorites! I don’t know why they taste better than an actual Reese’s cup, but I am a devoted fan. (And the heart-shaped ones they put out for Valentine’s Day are pretty awesome, too.)

  6. Last week I asked each of our girls (ages 20 and 16) if it was important that we still hide eggs … of course, each blamed the other for the need to continue the tradition, how important it would be to the other ;). The chocolate, the candy, the hunt, all matter.

    • So with you, Judy. Those traditions — no matter the age — are so important! I have a feeling I’ll still be running through the yard with a basket this year . . . even being on the downward slide toward 30. Good googily-moogily . . .

    • Mmm, Peeps . . . do you have a favorite color? Friends swear that the taste of Peeps do not vary depending on which hue you pick, but I disagree. I’m all about pink myself. (And, you know . . . not just because I’m obsessed with pink. But that could be part of it . . .)

    • That cream is crazy delicious, Kim . . . I could have a glass of just that. (Okay, a small glass — but a glass just the same.)

  7. I’m a chocolate addict.
    The sad part, I developed gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and even though I had the baby over 3+ months ago, I’m still battling my sugar.
    Thank goodness for!
    I’m bound and determined to start making some healthy low sugar desserts.

    • I’ll definitely have to check out that website, Juju — as everyone tries to embrace a healthier lifestyle (blah), I’m really scaling back my baking. I love it so much, though, that I really need to find alternatives to all the high-sugar, high-fat stuff! Hope your sugar levels return to normal soon!

      • Oh than you will love her site. She really makes it possible to make yummy things without the guilt. Good luck and thank you! 🙂

  8. Oh by the way, have you seen the peeps that are inside a chocolate egg? I almost can’t stand it.

  9. Hmmm…I don’t like animal shaped chocolate…they are too cute to eat!!!

    I love those Easter Eggs that you can slice that are filled with a creamy caramelly nougatty stuff…

    Not sure wat they are called…and only certain Jelly Belly flavors work for me…

  10. Oh, you had to ask! Now I want some. As a kid I loved those sickly sweet chocolate marshmallow eggs and of course jelly beans. I’m still eating the jelly beans but I’ve moved on to better grades of chocolate.

  11. Chocolate…preferably with peanut butter. And even more preferably, made by Reese’s. And Almond Roca. I’m getting hungry…

    And I hear ya on the Necco’s. What a worthless candy. Also, Jujubes. Ick.

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