Everybody go quilt tonight

I’m big on handmade. Owning something lovingly crafted by another human being — not a machine — greatly appeals to me, and that’s probably why I spend so much time perusing handcrafted items on Etsy.

Crocheting has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid, and I absolutely love making scarves. The repetition soothes my soul. When life has gone awry or I’m feeling anxious, just holding the crochet hook makes me feel better. There’s something to be said for the joy stemming from wearing something you’ve created. Taking two skeins of yarn and weaving them into something new — something I made — is a great feeling.

I wish I knew more, though. Of all the skills I envy, quilting is at the top of that list. Between Trish’s posts on quilting bees, Lexi’s skills and my boyfriend’s mom’s talents, I find myself surrounded by adorable quilted items and long to learn the skills myself.

If we lived closer, Alex could probably help me — but I’ll settle with admiring her wares, now up in my Etsy shop. Her latest creations are those adorable miniature baskets pictured above. I have one on my desk with the rest of — ahem — the Valentine’s Day candy I’ve been squirreling away. I’ll be using it for storing paperclips and other cute things when it’s empty. She has spring patterns and gorgeous pastels out now.

Further proof of her talent wasn’t needed after she made me a sock monkey quilt for last year’s birthday. I mean, sock monkeys — on a quilt.

I crocheted her a scarf for her birthday, but let’s be honest — not nearly as impressive.


Any craft skills you covet? Are you a quilter? Or do you share my rampant obsession with sock monkeys? (I’m starting a support group. We can get through this . . . together.)

13 thoughts on “Everybody go quilt tonight

  1. OMG that sock monkey quilt is PRECIOUS! I have no skills in the area of creating. No knitting, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, nothing. My mom is amazing seamstress, but I didn’t get those genes.


  2. Hooray for quilting! You totally strike me as a quilter 🙂 You should go to Quilt Camp at Camp Tecumseh! It’s in IN, but that’s not an insurmountable distance, and their weekend quilt camps (6 times a year!) are amazing. PS: My little babe has burp cloths made out of that sock monkey material 🙂 So cute!!


  3. Meg, Thanks so much for putting the little baskets up! Am glad to hear how much you love the monkey quilt. It feels so nice to know they are well love because while you are making them they become part of you if you know what I mean. Quilts need love!


  4. I admire the talented, creative folks around me. While I’m great with a sewing machine, the hand made stuff usually looks, well, hand-made! So I stick with my camera and photo editing and leave the crafts to others. I did take a quilting class, many years ago, and have a half finished quit in my closet to prove it!


  5. See–I wish that I could crochet! Or knit! (even though wool kind of makes my teeth hurt). I sewed a few things when I was younger but I mostly taught myself how to sew. You can pick up a machine fairly cheap (my first was a Kenmore that cost $250 and I still sometimes prefer it to my more expensive machines) and if you can cut accurately and sew in a straight line, you can quilt! Really!!

    Sad story. Scott pulled out Elle’s sock monkey jammies last night and I tried to squeeze her in them even though I was sure she’d grown out of them. Sure enough…I had to retire them to the closet. I’m now on the search for a bigger pair of jammies for her to wear as I love them so much. Seeing that little sock monkey mouth on her bum just kills me! 😉


  6. I love quilting and I know you will too. I also love crochet and it seems it is becoming very popular again. Pinterest is loaded with wonderful patterns. I would be proud that I could crochet. A lot of people can’t. So, if you want to learn to quilt, do it. Find a great quilt shop and take some classes. It’s not hard at all and it is great fun. I love your blog site. It’s colorful and happy and I enjoyed my visit very much.


  7. Well, I guess I know where to come whenever I have a child. Our plan is to do a sock monkey themed nursery. Someday…

    My craft is jewelry. About 10 years ago, my exhusband and I owned a jewelry business and I’m finally getting back in to the craft. I missed it so. I’m pondering opening an etsy shop of my own. I, like you, apparently, spend HOURS on etsy just checking out the wares. People are so wildly talented, it’s awe-inspiring.


  8. Now that I’m starting to quilt, I covet the skills of other quilters! I can’t wait until I can do some really interesting things with fabric.

    I’ve always been jealous of knitters. I can’t knit because I have tendinitis in my wrists and it’s miserable. I’d love to be able to sit down and knit myself a scarf, but it’s more pain than it’s worth!


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