Spring is . . .

• Spencer and I making up random “field trips” as the cool, damp winter blossoms into spring.

• Going to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. with Mom, a tradition now in its fourth year. (And this year is the trees’ centennial anniversary!)

• Getting Rita’s, a popular Italian ice chain ’round these parts, with my sister. It closes for the cold weather months and emerges when the sun returns, bringing with it delicious custard to help expand my waistline. (And I love every minute of it.) We zip over there when we’re feeling bored and looking for “adventure,” which translates to a 10-minute drive to an outdoor stand at 8 p.m. It’s usually us and 10,000 high schoolers with nothing else to do. Ah, yes — Friday nights.

• Baseball games with Dad. Whether we’re rootin’ for the Nats or the Blue Crabs, Southern Maryland’s own team, nothing beats watching a game with a giant funnel cake in my lap.

(Why are many of my spring memories related to food?)

• Easter and chocolate bunnies and dying colorful, sparkly eggs.

• Planning the year’s vacations. (Spencer and I have selected our big trip — full details coming tomorrow!)

• Coke Slurpees. Nothing beats the heat better on a 90-degree day.

• Feeling sublimely grateful for blue skies and the ability to break out my flip-flops.

. . . And feeling sublimely grateful to be here, enjoying these tender moments.

9 thoughts on “Spring is . . .

  1. What an awesome post! I love it when things start blossoming (unfortunately that means pollen down here which covers everything in a dusty film) and birds are happy and it isn’t yet 95 degrees. I can’t wait to hear about where you are going this year!


  2. Yes, spring fever is definitely here. Love your list, and yes, it does seem most of my favorite lists are food related 🙂

    We’re headed to DC for spring break this year and I’m hoping/expecting the cherry blossoms will be there for us in late March.


  3. Meg, I thought of you this weekend while I was visiting DC because I saw TWO cherry blossoms in bloom. I remembered you and your gorgeous photos from the festival. I look forward to this year’s photographs. I’m so intrigued about your big trip 🙂


  4. I think DC is my second favorite city, but I have never been to see the cherry blossoms. My in-laws are apparently going this year but when they’re going conflicts with another trip I’m taking. =( I definitely need to plan to do this in the future though!!


  5. GORGEOUS shot!! And love this post–there’s something so wonderful about spring, huh? I like fall a lot (and will call it my favorite once we get there), but spring…love.


  6. Oh, such beautiful plans for spring! I’ve been so buried in school work that I forgot it was coming.
    I hope you’ll take tons of pictures of the trees against this year, and maybe share some with us. They are so beautiful. 🙂


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