If I were waiting for a sign, it would be that number

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I totally fell off the Zumba wagon.

After getting excited about finally finding My Thing — some form of exercise I actually like — I was a faithful Zumba attendee. My friend and I went for months (and actually, she never stopped). I had my corner of the room where I could see the instructor well. When I began to feel better and more fit, motivation cam easily. For the first time in my life, I actually felt like I could move.


Life gets in the way. There’s no real reason why I stopped. My weekly routine was thrown off following a death in the family, and then my motivation scattered like glitter in the wind. I was more likely to leave work and drown my anxieties in crocheting or wandering around than actually exercising, and I stopped making class a priority. My sister bought a Zumba DVD, and we dance to that occasionally, but exercising for 45 minutes once a week isn’t going to accomplish anything.

At a doctor’s visit last week, the nurse had me step on a scale. Totally routine, of course, but I was just there to get some cold medicine — and unprepared for that number. People say, “Oh, I didn’t realize how much weight I’d gained until I saw myself in photos” — and I certainly have cringed at the way I’ve looked recently.

But reality didn’t sink in until I saw that ugly number. The highest it’s ever, ever been.

I’m finally realizing I can make excuses or make things happen. I could sit around all day coming up with reasons why I’m too something to exercise — too tired, too busy, too tied-up, too overextended — but the truth is this: we make time for what matters.

I ended my month-long exercise dry spell by going to class on Thursday. It was hard. Any momentum I developed in the four months I went seemed to have evaporated, leaving me stiff and awkward. Some of the movements came back to me and a few of the routines were the same, but for the most part? It felt like starting over.

But maybe that’s a good thing.

Starting over, and starting again. Better this time.

It is time.

13 thoughts on “If I were waiting for a sign, it would be that number

  1. I;m hoping some yoga exercises will help, too. You can work uip a sweat with this! Zumba sounds great. I tried it for a while and will have to go dancing around the house to offset that sugar in my coffee.


  2. Thanks for the kick… You are absolutely right about the fact that we make time for what matters. I just need to actually DO something about it! Good for you and doing it! I have seen that number, and need to do more to get away from that number. I need to find that willpower and DO 😀


  3. Oh, I know this feeling all too well 🙂 I have fits and starts with exercising too. It’s really hard to stick with it, especially after something unexpected throws the routine off the rails. Good luck this time, and if you need an online accountability buddy, I’m here!


  4. Just SAYING that it’s time makes it so. Trust me, I know all about this. It is almost like it has to be just awful before I do anything about it. Why do I have to be breaking records on the scale before I am motivated? The key is building up some momentum, and having some form of accountability. Either a friend is counting on you to go X number of times, you have a weigh-in, or whatever. I’ve lost 20 and need to lose 10 more. Then the key will be frigging keeping it off.


  5. Thanks for some motivation. I have a similar problem. The number always stays the same, but the clothes don’t fit right if I don’t exercise… the muscles don’t stay toned. And the older I get the worse it gets! I have lots of excuses, none of them very good.


  6. I’m in the same situation, Meg. I was doing Zumba regularly but then we moved into the city and I haven’t even been motivated to find a new class. I keep thinking I’ll get a Zumba DVD but it remains just a thought. To be honest, the thought of doing that first class makes me cringe – I remember the very first class and how HARD it was! And yet, I really enjoyed Zumba …


  7. Lately, I’ve been trying walking. It’s something I enjoy and clears my head, but I’ve realized that walking like I’m strolling through the park isn’t going to accomplish anything.


  8. I finally reached this point about 4 months ago. I’ve been good about watching what I eat (Hello, My Fitness Pal app!) and working out about 4 times a week (including Zumba once or twice a week–love it!), and I’ve lost 16 pounds! Woo hoo! 6 more to go until I meet my goal! Trust me, if I can do it, absolutely anyone can. Good luck!


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