Random things that make me happy, pt. 3

1. Tea.

The quickest way to perk up my afternoon is to make myself a cup of hot tea. I have no less than six different kinds in my desk drawer — and I often find that the most exciting part of my work day is choosing a flavor. (It’s the little things . . .) When my boyfriend’s parents were in town at Christmas, I took his mom to an awesome local tea room. I just wanted to gobble up everything there!

2. Pretty postage.

I send lots of mail. Whether we’re talking postcards, love letters or old-fashioned mail to family, I better have a hefty stack of stamps at my disposal. I have the “Garden of Love” stamps now and use them to death.

3. Spencer’s wrinkle-nosed laugh.

Everyone has a Face. It’s the look you make when someone has really tickled your funny bone, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m not talking an obligatory chuckle here — I’m talking a big, from-the-gut, uncontrollable laugh that cannot be controlled. And when I say something that really makes Spencer double over or do something clumsy and hilarious, he wrinkles his nose and gives me a look of utter disbelief. That makes me laugh. And I love to laugh — especially with him.

4. Beautiful book cover art.

I totally judge books by their covers, and sometimes their covers are awesome. The books themselves? No clue. But at least they’re pretty.

5. Nail polish.

My obsession has reached a critical juncture. I joined the Julep Maven (affiliate link) program and am now treated to surprise nail shades and goodies coming to my mailbox every month, and let me tell you: this is bad. Well, I mean, it’s good; it’s awesome getting surprises in the mail. But it’s bad because I have to pay for it. And I have very little self-discipline when it comes to cosmetics.

It’s also bad because I’m the nut who now needs to change her polish constantly, and since I’m rarely sitting down long enough to do it . . . well, I’m typically up at 11 p.m. trying to keep my eyes long enough to give myself a manicure. Don’t stare too long at the smudges.

6. Post-Christmas clean-up.

I love holiday decorating as much as the next guy (or gal), but I’m very eager to pack up the inflatable snowmen and Christmas bulbs once the season has passed. We cleaned up our house last weekend and Spencer packed up his place this week, too. My desk is now free of miniature pink Christmas trees and my officemates have helped take down all the hanging icicle lights once strung along the ceiling of our office space.

The new year always feels like a clean slate, and I like having a (literal) clean space in which to embrace all that possibility. It feels good to have order restored, you know?

7. Instagram.

Yes, yes — after joining the iPhone world, I’ve become completely obsessed with the Instagram app for photos. You might have noticed my own recent shots look a tad bit different than the photos I normally share, and that’s because I can’t stop snapping shots with my phone.

While I once judged this and judged this harshly (I mean, what kind of quality are you getting with a phone?), I understand now. Instagram is awesome. And if you thought I took too many pictures of my food before, be afraid.

I’m also doing a 2012:366 project (leap year!) wherein I take one iPhone photo daily for 2012. I’ve seen lots of folks doing similar but always thought they were unrealistic for me. Since I’m not going anywhere without my phone, it’s easy to remember to document at least one small part of my day — and it gets my creative juices flowing on otherwise hum-drum occasions. And yes, there’s an app for that.

14 thoughts on “Random things that make me happy, pt. 3

  1. I’ve been doing the 365 picture thing and posting on facebook each day! I actually did download that app a while ago but I don’t remember why I haven’t been using it. I’ll have to go look again.


  2. I used to treat instagram users with scorn “you’re not a real photographer!” but since I’ve gotten my iPhone I’ve been using it a LOT. Also I hear you on the teas. I love tea so much!


  3. Well… you made me happy when reading it 🙂
    and actually I was feeling a little blue…
    I recognized a lot: I love tea (earl grey = my breakfast fave but love jasmine and mint as well later in the day!). I agree about the postage, so true! I have several cute stamps right now as well. Laughing is a life saver I think. I love to laugh (and so true, especially with the one you love :). Oh and I have such a soft spot for book covers as well. Baaaaad 😉
    “I like having a (literal) clean space in which to embrace all that possibility”, such a cool quote!
    You know what… I didn’t join the iPhone-world but if there’s one thing I would like joining it for it would be Instagram, I love love that app.
    Anyway… I’m going to stop this comment now, I almost wrote a blog entry myself. Actually just wanted to say I enjoyed reading yours!
    Have a great day!


  4. There’s nothing better than pretty postage. A friend of mine buys older stamps in bulk; she’s somehow able to get a discount for them. Getting letters from her is so much fun with all the different stamps in the corner.


  5. Tea, yes! Beautiful book covers, yes! And I love those “faces,” too… The Husband has some that make me melt.

    I’ve said I would get an iPhone just for Instagram more than once. Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂


  6. I’m right there with you in the nail polish obsession. I think I need to buy polish remover by the gallon because I’m also changing my colors about every 2-3 days depending on the quality of the polish.


  7. I agree that most of these things can brighten my day too (though I can’t speak for Spencer’s nose, hehe!) Nail polish is one of these really random and small detail that can make me surprisingly happy. I can’t really explain it though 🙂


  8. I think it is so neat that you send snail mail postage! Care mentioned that she does this too. I used to write letters–still have stacks and stacks of ones I’ve received, but time just seems to move so quickly. I’m sad to say I still haven’t sent my thank you notes for Christmas. Eeep!

    Elle’s new trick is scrunching up her nose when she smiles or when she’s upset. She has one tooth on top so it’s quite a hilarious look. Cracks me up everytime.

    Love this post Meg!


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