Wordless Wednesday: New Year’s in North Beach, Maryland


15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: New Year’s in North Beach, Maryland

    • It was teeth-chatteringly cold, Sandy! About five minutes after we took this picture, we walked to the end of the boardwalk and stood with hot chocolate for a few minutes. I was numb.

  1. A gorgeous looking day, even if it was a little cold. Since I’m from Chicago, when I see a New Year’s Day photo with sun and no snow, it’s a beautiful day to me!

    • A few hours south, Patty, down on the Chesapeake Bay! It’s a very nice town and lots of fun to visit. Full of rustic charm!

  2. Lovely!
    Great portrait.
    And in the last one I love how the waves are coming crashing in.
    But my favorite is the walkway with the lone gull in the sky!
    Best wishes for the New Year!

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