Wordless Wednesday: Spencer’s first tree

23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spencer’s first tree

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous (and fun and great memory making).

    So, curious about your lighting. Did you use mostly the daylight coming in from the windows? I’m really struggling with taking pics in front of the tree without using a bright flash (still haven’t learned how to use my new external flash).


    • Quite right, Trish — I just used natural light coming in from the neighboring windows. There’s a big one to our right in these pictures, and then another right behind the tree. Made for some interesting shadows, but that’s okay!

      I’m definitely not big on flash, though I do want to invest in an external at some point. My best bet is usually to turn on any lights in the room, if it’s getting darker out, or just make sure we have as much natural light flooding in as possible.


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