Etsy Find Fridays: Spot of tea for you?

We have a really awesome water cooler at work. Maybe you do, too, which means we both work for stellar employers. Because this baby? The literal water cooler around which we often perch, chatting and quenching our thirst? It has hot water.

This might not seem all that exciting at first. I mean, hot water? We can get hot water from a tap. We can get hot water in the shower. But having hot water right from the water cooler means I can quickly, conveniently make myself a cup of hot tea in the afternoons.

No less than six types of tea bags take up residence in my desk drawer. Choosing which to sample in the afternoon is a special treat, and it’s these little luxuries — simple things — that can spice up a long afternoon. And I’m no tea monogamist. Black tea, green tea, white tea — all are welcome here. (In my mug.)

As such, my interest in tea extends beyond merely drinking the lovely elixir. To avid tea drinkers, tea is a way of life. It’s synonymous with comfort. When someone I know is sick, that’s the first thing flying out of my mouth: “Want me to make you some tea?” And when I myself am ill, that’s what I would like to be offered: “Meg, shall I make you a spot of tea?” (In this scenario, you are British. I like that about you.)

In a favorite song by The Script, the chaps sing, “They’ll be a smile on my face and the kettle on, and it’ll be just like you were never gone — if you ever come back, if you ever come back . . .” The lovely image of a handsome guy sitting there with a cup of tea desperately hoping to see my face again? Ready to pass me a mug of tea and listen to my stories, all while apologizing profusely for his wrongdoing? Yes, please. With sugar.

If you’re a tea-swilling crazywoman like me — or just need some holiday gift ideas for someone who is — I invite you to peruse my favorite beverage-related items from Etsy this week. Click on each image to be taken to the item’s listing.

Are you a tea drinker?
What’s your favorite kind?

10 thoughts on “Etsy Find Fridays: Spot of tea for you?

  1. Etsy can be such a time suck – there are so many great things on there! I always appreciate when people do posts like this and highlight some of the great finds, because it saves a lot of time!


  2. That tea cup charm is adorable! And I love your little Script whimsy! Really, who would turn that down? 😉

    We’re big tea drinkers here too. (Well, hubby is British, so that’s not very surprising, lol!) My favorite is vanilla black tea! Yum! I also like a pomegranate white tea I get from Trader Joe’s.


  3. I’m a huge tea fan. After living in Ireland, I have at least a cup a day (when I lived there I probably had 4-5). I absolutely love my electric kettle!

    My favorite type of tea (and what I drink 99% of the time) is black tea – Barry’s Gold Blend Tea. I either pay too much and buy it at a imported food store or bring back a few boxes when I visit or friends ship me Irish care packages!


  4. What an aweosme post, Meg! I love tea, too! I have about eight different kinds in my kitchen cabinet. Fortunately, my husband likes it too and doesn’t gripe about all the differnt flavors. Lately I’ve been on an Earl Grey kick.


  5. That little keychain is to die for! I guess you can’t legitimately call me a “tea drinker” because I don’t drink caffeine at all, but I love herbal. My favorite is rooibos.


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