Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving eats

19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving eats

    • Well, much of what I do winds up being trial and error . . . and I never post all my terrible, blurry photos that typically accompany the shots I like, haha. 🙂

      Natural light is best, of course — when you can find it, move your plate or food item close to where you’ll get the softest, most natural light. I try to get more “on level” with whatever I’m shooting, too, so that now I’m always looking down at the object in question. (Though that’s good sometimes, too.)

      My biggest tip would be to look at what’s immediately surrounding whatever you’re shooting — too often we neglect to notice what plate something is on, or what’s in the background of a shot. I try to make sure I get wrappers, packages and other stuff out of the background so you can focus on just the plate — or zoom in enough to fill the frame with just your meal.

      Hope that helps, Carrie! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any interesting articles online, too.


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