Wordless Wednesday: (Mostly) Good eats at the Oyster Festival

But lest you think it was all good times and stuffing our faces . . .
I tried my first raw oyster. This is what happened:

Sometimes being an adventurous foodie has its price.

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: (Mostly) Good eats at the Oyster Festival

  1. No raw oysters for me baby. Every time we go to the panhandle and Appalachicola (deemed the oyster capitol of the world) my husband gorges himself on them. No thanks. I’ll take a crab cake.


  2. I love your face!!! That’s so cute. I love oysters, so I can’t imagine making that face. I guess I understand that they’re slimy. But they taste so good! I might have to make the trip down for the oyster festival next year…


  3. I can sympathize with that oyster reaction. I am not a fan of most seafood, unless it’s well cooked regular fish. A few years ago hubby was invited to a client’s swanky Christmas party – at an oyster bar. Two years in a row. The second year they had a bigger selection of food, but the first was pretty much only oysters and crackers. For at least four hours. Needless to say we stopped at McDonalds on the way home.


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